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Dave and Don were brothers. They served in the military. After completing there service they baught an old run down freighter and rebuilt the ship.
The ship had a lucrative business.they shipped good from the inner words to the outer colonies. They were not rich by any means but they were doing good. They we’re making a living .
They had just transported supplies to a new human colony on the outer rim of human territory. They now returned to a command post.
“Dave. Oscer Bradshaw wants to meets with you.”cali said. “Who the Gemini is Oscar Bradshaw?”Don asked. “He is vice president of outer rim trade for inter sell incorporated.”Jena said.
“You think that they are trying to hire us as a contractor”Don asked.”that would be awesome ” Jack said. “Lets not get s head of ourselves.”Dave said.
Inter sell cooperation headquarters on station.
Office of Oscar Bradshaw
“Dave it is good to meat you.”Bradshaw said. “You too sir “Dave said. “As you know our company is at the fire front of expansion into the frontier. We are not the only one.we are hoping to win the cooperate space race. “Oscar said.
“From what I heard,your doing what you need to do to win that race ” Dave said.
“Well I never count on things.I never take anything for granted. Look we are looking for people to partner with. Your freighter is very productive . we want you to do some transporting. ” he said.
“What kind of transporting?” Dave asked . “well that is the tricky part. “Bradshaw said. “It is not contraband is it?” save asked.
“Nothing illegal . it is considered uncouth . ” the cooperit official said.”what is it?” Dave asked
“We want to ship sex slaves. ” Bradshaw said. “Sex slaves?” he asked. “Yes . colonies enjoy autonomy as they are non member worlds and they are far away from the central government on earth. Men feel like they are warlords. Many have formed there own armies and control territory. They don’t want to have wives.there is stil animosity left behind from the gender war of 3535. Female slavery is a very lucrative business.while it is considered immoral unethical and in realy bad taste ,it is not illegal.” Bradshaw said.
“Let me gues,you want to capitalize on the dlave trade but with plausible deniability. ” he said “you’ll be paid by a separate company owned by a subsidiarity of intersell. A company that cannot be directly traced to us ” Bradshaw said.
“We will be shipping slaves to be auctioned off in the outer rim. “Dave said . “I am preparing to pay you a million Sherbrookes for every trip. Half when you leave the space port, half when the cargo is off loaded. If something goes wrong you will stil get half of the earning. That’s three million Sherbrookes. ” Oscar said.
” well some of my crew may object.I cannot pass on this kind of money. I am the CEO of Benson brothers firm. You have a deal. ” he said.
“We are shipping sex slaves?”cali said. “Yes. Look cal it is a job. We have shipped weapons before to militia. We shipped narcotics. This is no different. ” Dave said.
“We are shipping women from the iner worlds to the frontier. They will be used and degraded. All for the enjoyment of men.”cali said.
“Slavery is the law of the alience of human worlds. Why can’t we engage in a legal activity?”Dave said.
“Legal does not meen moral.  “Cali said. “We are not politician or clergy. If we do not do that someone else with.the Money is out there why not grab it. ” Don asked.
“I love the idea. ” Jen said. “Yea you would. You are a bisexual bondage fetish and you love dominating other women. ” cali said.
“Look this is a private company . this is not a democracy. I am CEO of this small business. I am captain of this ship. If you don’t like the direction of the compony you are free to leave . ” Dave said.
The freighter went to a private docking bay used by the compony . compony security checked the ship .the ship was dreamed secure before the cargo could be brought on bored.
15 female were brought a bored.they all had neck collers.there hands and feet and belly were chained.they were all naked.
They were taken to a cargo area.they were restrained to a wall.they had to stand.the room was equped with a device that sterilized a room every twenty minutes. Not only did it remove the urine but it also disinfected and got rid of the smell.
“Hear are the rules. If they have a v on there tag,they are off limits. If they were n.v you are free to enjoy them.” the security chief said.
The freighter was off. It headed for the colony of 0ollex seven . “get me the pregnant one bring her to my quarters. “Daveordered.
Dave went to her quarters. The lady was brought in. Her name was janey. She was a former judge. She was now a slave.
Dave had a pregnentcy fetish. The gourd chaned her to the bed. Her legs were spread. He got on top of her. He put his thing into her.
She did not say anything.she did not fight him. She did not react. Dave was quite happy.
Jena had two female brought to her. They we’re twin sisters.there names were Annie and Amy. One took one tit and the other took the other.they sucked it.then they took turns licking her pusey.she liked there’s.
Cali decided to entertain herself despite her opposition. To it.she had a 2o year old former college student plesue her
The ship arrived at the colony. The slaves were turned over to the auction house on the planet. The ship headed away .
Sudenly the ship was followed by unknown ship.the crew was captured. They were striped naked chaned and shipped to an out or rim human colony. The whole deal was a trap. It was s comon ploy by Oscar Bradshaw.
The end .