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The prison buss left the highway and came on to the gate to the prison grounds. The buss stopped at The check point. The buss entered the compound.
The New arrivals were female inmates who were just sentenced.they were all stil wearing the cloths they wore at there sentencing.
Ellie had been a school teacher.She was well liked.her boyfriend was a drug dealer and committed fraud. She had no idea he was involved in criminal activity. He tried to say that he worked for her. He rattled her out to get a lessor sentence.
She was totally innocent but it did not matter. She was off to jail. She tried to remain calm. She tried to make the best of it.everyone was handcuffed with shackles on there waist and ancle.
Ellie checked out the other prisoners.many were very attractive.she was a lesbians but being confined appeared to have brought lesbian out of her.
Ellie wore a black suit jacket,black skirt and shoes. She wore panty hose as well. The women next to her was a couple years younger then her. She wore a Gray t shirt and green skirt.she was very attractive.
The buss went inside the gate.the busd drove to the intake area.it went inside a gerrage like structure.the busd went to a parking area. The buss stoped.
She kinda enjoyed the ride.She liked car rides,she always had. She wished the departure was not prison. Oh well she thought. The buss had stoped. She was home now. Not that she wanted to be but that was how it was.
The gourds had the new inmates leave the buss. It was akwarda for them to walk with the shackles.they tried to make the best of it. They all left the buss. They went to an inner intake area. They we’re proceeded but allowed to keep there cloths on.
There shoes were confiscated.they had to go barefoot. They were brought to there cells. Ellie ,the girl that had been next to her who was named Keri and two other girls were brought into a cell with four bed. There was no toilets in the cells. The cell doors were closed.
The gourds opened the food slots on  doors.”you can all have a brownie.we want to give a welcome brownie.”the guard said.
Ellie thought this was strange but decided to take the brownie. They all started to eat the brownies.
“I regret to inform you all that you just eaten laxatives. You should be soiling yourself any moment now. We like to humiliate new arrivals as soon as you arrive. You will not be allowed to change tomorrow. ” the guard said.
Ellie felt weird.she laid down on her bunk. She started to poop herself. It kept coming. The laxitive was modified to be extra potent. It was that and then some. 
There was a large stain on her but. She had an island in her pants. She noticed that her cell mates including Keri did as well. They were not allowed to change. 
She felt humiliated.The plan had worked. She wanted to be home. This was home now. The poop did not stop. She urinated as well.
Would this make her incontinent. She hoped not. She finally fell asleep. She woke up.
The New prisoners we’re brought to a shower room. They had to strip.they all joyfully took off there soiled cloths.She took off the black coat abd white shirt.then her skirt.
Keri took off her sweater and then her skirt. Keri helped Ellie take off her bra. Ellie took off Kerry’s bra. Both of there panty were covered.there was poop on there legs and feet.
They all went into the shower room. Ellie and Keri washed each other. Ellie washed every part of her New friends body. Especialy keri’s boobs ans pussey.she did the same for her.
After they left the shower room. They were given diapers and t-shirts.
Ellie was getting used to prison life. She and Keri became close.they were not allowed to remove each others diapers. They could lick each others tits. They could kiss and cuddle.
They decided to sleep together in one bed. The cot was small. They had to stay close.
The New president decided to randomly pardon prisoners.both Ellie and Keri were pardoned.
They both ranted a partner together. They tried to potty train all over again. The damage was done.they gave up. They got plastic sheats for bed.they wore diapers. They lived happily ever after  very wet and full.
The end.