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In colonial America whipping in the public square wascomon practice. Coperal punishment was frequently practiced in the olden days. Some countries like Singapore still practice it.
With the increase of Crime and over population in prison. Some crimes were punusible by public whipping in Lau of confinement. While to some this was very controversial,other have praised it. Others are mixed.
There has been a shoretege of crime sense corporal punishment was reincoperated.
Public whipping was held on the first Wednesday of each
mouth.they were held in the public square. People were excused from work in order to attend.
Every prisoner sentenced to be whipped during the previous mouth would have there sentence caried out.
Male prisoners would remove there shirt. Female prisoners will remove there shirts . they will pull the top of dresses down. Blouses or t shirt are encouraged. Female prisoners may keep there bra on.
All prisoners must arrive two houers before the sentence is carried out. All prisoners must register. Once registered they cannot leave until cleared by medical and jucidial official.
Lydia Johnson was convicted of having too many overdue library books. She was convicted and sentenced to be whipped five times. She was told to report by ten am at the town square
She was petrified. She did not want to do this.She knew she hadnp choice. She just wanted  to just get it over with. She hoped that she would be near the beginning.
She had trouble the weeks before the sentence. The fear got the best of her. She found it hard to sleep eat or do much else.
The time had arrived for the whipping. She showered.she put on a green t shirt and Gray skirt and flip flops.
Lydie made sure she made it in plenty of time. She did not want to be late . she register.
She was eight in line.it was not to bad.she had to get in line.some were scared. Others did not phased by it.
The first prisoner was a man who was convicted of shop lifting.he removed his shirt. The first whipping did not brother him.on the third he bagged it to stop.he had lost count. On the eight he was relieved.he was taken to the ambulance. He was given a v
Next was a lady who was convicted of public intoxication.she was a year older then Lydia.she removed the sweater and bra. Everyone saw her tits. She did not cry until the third.on the fourth shr sobed uncontrollably. She was sentenced to seventh. .
The next was a lady sentenced to three.she cheated on a test.she was the daughter of the mayor so She got leniency.She kept her bra on.
After was two men.it was almost lydua’s turn. She tried to be strong.she tried to not weekends.she was really scared. She removed her shirt but kept her bra on.
The first one hurt. The second lash Rey stung.she cried on the third.she wruthed in agony on the fourth. The fifth made her scream.she was given a blanket and  rushed to the ambulance.
She was given a check up. She was cleared to leave. She put her shirt on.when she got home the shirt came back off.
She decided to never again borrow a library book.she was very forgetful. She was not taking that chance. She did not to experience this ever again.
She did consider attending a public whipping.she would not much rather watch then be on the receiving end.
She found she got turned on thinking about it. It was really hot she never wanted to be whil again.if s he ever did she was going to be totally nude. She was never going to commit a crime. She would fantasize about it.
The end.