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Warden Michael bell ,head of east more correctional facility for women faced a dilemma. What to do about female inmates on there period.
With budget cuts, belk was forced to cut down on supplies.pads and tampons were expensive even the generic ones brought in bulk.
Bell had to do something.he came up with the idea of having special cells for women on there period.the room would be sterile. The room would be striped down. It would be bare.
Except for toilets there would be nothing else. The inmates would be naked. Once They showed evidence of that time of the mouth,they we’re striped of all clothing and in they went. They could bleed to there hearts content.well to there bodies hearts content.
The p room as it was called was a bit controversial. Manny cival liberty groups objected to it. Some religious groups objected as well. The warden defended it.
Marry Ann was a wife and and mom. She was a house wife before her arrest. She was falsely convicted of the murder of a neighbor.she was one hundred percent innocent.for some reason that did not matter. She slipped though the cracks. She was sentenced to twenty years to life.
She was still in her first few weeks in the slammer. She was stil adjusting to her new life. She wore an orange jump suit and was barefoot.
She felt weird.oh no She thought. She was having her period.she told her gourd.she was immediately taken to the prison infirmary. The nurse on duty determined that she was indeed on her period.
She was taken to menstruation row as it was called. She was shackled. She was led to a. Smal intake room. Her belly chains and feet shackles were removed. She removed the sandles. She was told to strip.
She removed the orange v neck scrub top.she pulled it over her  head then off .she was very modest.she hated striping in public all the time.that was part if incarceration life she supposed.
She then pulled down the pants.she pulled them off.then the female guard unclasped her bra.she took it off. Then she removed her white panty.
She was sent inside.the door was locked. She saw five other ladies.they were all In the nude just like her. They were all in various stages I’d menstruation. Some had a little bit if blood. One was covered in blood .
There was Nancy.she was a 34 year old former teacher.she was convicted of fraud. Her period was in full force.She no longer tried to stop the blood. She now wanted to get it over with.
Abby was 21. She was a pety there.she was in her third mouth as an inmate.her period was just starting. Keri was 26 convicted of assault. Elie was in her fourth year if incarceration and kellywas in her second.
Mary Ann hated this.it was so gross. She wanted to get cleaned up. She just wanted to be home. There was no stopping it.
She had to stay a day after the flow stoped.it was just to make sure.when She was certified celeb and allowed to return to general population.
She missed going around naked.she looked forward to the next mounth.
After six mounth ,the real killer was arrested for drug precision. Evidence linking him to the crime was found. The district attorney asked a judge to overturn her guilty plea.
She was in the p room when the verdict was overturn. She was given a pad on Her trip home.she missed the p room.she wished She could have stayed in menstruation row until it was over.
She decided to turn a room in the basement into a p room. Her husband was skeptical of the idea but agreed to it. She came to love the p room .
The end