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Edson industries had been started by Craig Edson’s grand farther Clayton Elmer edson.the company went from a company of three employees witch included the elder edson and his wife to a cooperate empire.the company had hit hard Times as had the country.
Crag farther had taken over for the company from the founder. Craig ‘s farther decided to step down after the economic turmoil. Craig knew that he would have to change things and soon .he would not have a lot of time to turn things around. He would have to prove himself.
He was able to restructure the company and  made a phrophet again. He thought that morale would improve.
Moral had not improve. People were not happy. He had no idea why. Compony psicologest determined that they were stressed out.
“So apparently my staff is stressed out Annie . I have no idea why or how to make them not stressed out. ” he asked his wife
“What streses you?”she asked.”work loud,balancing work and home life.having time with you ans the kids.  Demands of work. Lack of leisure time.  My pants!”He said
“Your pants?’his wife asked. ” I can never find pants that fit right. They are either to tight  or not tight enough. There either falling down or so tight my pants are going to explode. ” he said.
“Why not alow workers to not to have to ware anything below the waist?” she suggested.
“That’s it! I love the idea. Some might be reluctant to not ware pants. They can ware underware. I think I am going to band pants or skirts !” he said .
“Band might not the best idea”!”she said. “This will encourage one hundred percent participation. ” he said. “Ok” he said.
The next day,he called a meating of everyone in the company . “this company has changed a lot in the last few years. You have all helped transform this company into a powerhouse. You all made thus possible. I am all very proud of you. ” he said.
“Today I am announcing a New policy. One I am really excited about. Starting on Monday all employees Will go without pants or skirts. You may ware underware if you will. “Craig said.
Everyone was shocked. Was he serious? No one expected this. They all listened to see if this was real or if he was joking with them.
After a while they saw that he was being serious. Kathy was really old feshoned.  She always wore skirts.she was not sure if she liked the idea. Julie loved the idea. Amanda was unsure but decided to give it chance.
They had a few days to get ready for the change. They had the weekend to mentily prepare for the change.
On Monday morning,Kathy woke up. She dreaded the morning. She was really nervous.she went to the bath room. She took a shower.
She braided her hair. She then put on a pink sweater. She considered putting on a skirt and then taking it off. She felt really comfortable without pants. She put on a panty.
She found She enjoyed the ride to work. She felt happier.she had no idea why she did.
Craig woke up. He showered ,had breakfast.he put on a shirt and underware. This felt prety good. He arrived at work and went right into things.
Julie put on a green t shirt and decided not to ware a panty. She sang as she went to work.
Amanda wore a white shirt and put on a panty.when she arrived she took it off .
Everyone wondered how would it go? Would there be sexual harassment? Would there be productivity. He found that people got right to work. A lot of things got done. Some people stayed over time.
After a month the company had his best mouth in twenty years. For four straight months,they saw a rise in productivity and prophet. Even Kathy was happy with it. They continued the policy.
The end.