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The new prisoners arrived at Rendells correctional facility. The prison was a low security facility. Inmates were there for non violent white collar crimes . these inmates served relatively short sentences.
The New arrivals were taken off of the prison buss and were escorted to intake.  The inmates we’re told to strip . the males and female were not separated. Females did not like striping in front of males. While males hated striping,they enjoyed watching the women striping.
They all showered and then were given medical exams and enemas.after that was completed they were sent to a secondary intake this was the last intake area before transferred to the Maine section of the prison.
The prisoners we’re stil naked. The area was very cold. Many we’re shivering. Many females tried to cover there  but this activity was highly discouraged.
“Prisoners get on to the girney and put your hands and feet into the sterupt.  The prisoners got into the Burney. There hands and feet were restrained. The inmates were given cathitors and a drip bottle was attached to there leg. The man were given a red prison issue boxer shorts and female were given a red t-shirt and red panties.the name if the facility was on all articles of clothing.
“The bag will be changed once a day. This will also act as chastity device. Any attempt to remove it Will be published. Not that it is easy to do. “The warden said.
Later the inmates were removed from the girney. “Ok prisoners you will now be paired with your cell mates. From there you will taken to your cells. ” the warden said.
Katie, Becky and chrissy were out together. Katie was a kindergarten teacher whose boyfriend was convicted of fraud.while there was no evidence that she was involved. She was charged with guilt by association. She was convicted by a jury convinced that she should have known.
Becky was convicted of having too Many overdue library books.the library lobby was very powerfull and overdo books became a criminal act punishable by stif fines and or jail time.
Chrissy was convicted of shop lifting. She was a repeat offender. She was convicted. They were all glad to be together. They all looked normal. Then they saw there fourth cell mate.
To there shock and dismay it was a guy. Dave was put next to them. “There must be s mistake!”chrissy protested.”there is not!”the gpurd said. “What were you convicted of?”Katie asked in a somewhat fritened tone. “Embezzlement!”he answered.
Everyone was shackled together by cell. They were escorted to the cells. He looked over his cell mates.they were all very attractive. He was very pleased with his roommates.
The cell was more like a dorm. Instead of bars ,there was a door. They were unshakled. There was only one bed. Dave loved that idea but the girls did not feel that way. . the gourd told them to get in the bed. They were told to get comfortable because they would basically be in the same position all night.
Dave was in the middle. Becky and Katie was next to him with chrissy on the other side of beck. They feet were put into restraints but there hands were free. A strap was put over there belly.they were given a blanket.
Dave put his arm around Becky.he rubbed against her. He got a big if a boner. The cathitor chafed against his thing. It was abit painfull. She tried to get free
“Gourd! Gourd!”Becky said. The gourd was annoyed but went over anyways. “What Is it?”he asked in snarky tone. “Dave is cuddling with me! This is unwarranted sexual advance!”Becky declared. “He has been effectively nurtured by the carhitior. I can’t do anything more.” he said.
He cuddled Becky. She resented it. She had to put up with it. She tried not to think about it.
It was boring..there was not much to do. They mostly laid there. Becky asked him to get off of her but he did not comply.
After a while he switched to Katie.Katie kissed him.they hugged. Katie cried on his shoulder. She already hated jail. Becky considered it a badge of honor. She took a stand against big literature.
They were fed then told to go to sleep.that night he weighed between the two. The next day they were released from the bed. There sheets were changed.they were taken to the shower room..Dave bathed chrissy and Katie.Becky refused .they helped bath him. They were not allowed towels but had to drip dry. The room was self cleaning so getting watter on the floor was not a problem.
They eat breakfast in the mess hall. All prisoners were in the nude. They were given enemas and a New cathitors and waste bag. They we’re brought back to there cell. They were stuck in the smal cell.
After supper they were put back I. Bed. Dave was again in the middle. Chrisy and Katie were at his side.Becky was on the other side of Katie. She was excited to have a Dave break.
Both chrissy and Katie snuggled up to Dave. Katie found she missed Dave. She would never admit it.
The next day they all hung out .they really had no chioce. “Lets play truth or dare. “Dave said. “Truth” chrissy said. “Have you ever kissed a girl?”she asked.”no!”chrissy answered.
“Katie truth or dare?” Dave asked.”dare!”Katie said.she knew what was coming. “Kiss chrissy!”He demanded. The two skilled. There lips drew close. They liped lick. Dave was getting horny.the cathitor put the kibosh on it.
“Truth or dare beck!”he said. “No ! No way I am not engaging in this.”Becky said. “Come on be a spot we have nothing else to do. ” Katie said. “Truth!” Becky said. “How you attracted to me at all?”Dave asked. “I am not answering that. ” She said. “Come on fair is fair!”chrissy asked. “Yes I am attracted to you.don’t let it go to your head!”Becky said. “Too late!” Dave said.
“Dave truth or dare?” Katie said. “Dare!” he said. “Suck on Becky Tits.”Katie ordered.he went over a d pulled up her shirt. Prisoners did not ware bras.he licked her boobs.her books got very erect.
That night he and Katie sooner while the two others were on the either sides of them.
Becky decided to soften to him. While none of them like being confined to a room and to a bed most of the Tim. They liked being together. Dave kinda did not want to leave. He decided not to think about that. Right now he would just enjoy the time.
The end.