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He had only been In the prison for a few hours . he was laying on his bunk. He was Waring the Orange jump suit and was barefoot. So far prison life was not so bad. For the most part it was fairly boring. That was fine for him.
The prison. Was a coed facility. It was considered to be a minimum security facility. While males and female were in separate cells. He can see female prisionors from across his cell. He enjoyed seing the female inmates in there Orange uniforms.
While he laying down he heard a voice on the public address syiatom. “Attention all prisoners it is time for you to masturbate. “The warden said.
“What! What is this about?” mat thought to himself. He could not believe that he heard this right. He must have heard that wrong.
“I repeat it is now time for all inmates to masturbate. Please unzip your pants and pleasure yourself. “The voice on the p.a announced.
It seams that the edict was not optional but menditory. He saw two of the female inmates unzipping there pants and then pulling there prison issue panties.
He decided that he had better comply with the decree. Albiet reluctantly he pulled down the Orange pants and brief. He started to touch his penis.
He imagined himself getting with the two inmates in the cell across the hall. He imagined watching the two cell mates kissing each other. He would strip them while he did that.
He felt his thing get bigger. It was driving him crazy.eventually he squirted. It tired him out. He fell asleep after that.
He woke up later on in the after noon. He was without pants and his underware was pulled down. He put his cloths back on.
Apearently according to prison rules there were three designated m times as they were called. They were announced using the intercom. It was required for inmates to participate.
He felt humiliated at doing this but he had no choice. He started to get used to thus. He started to enjoy it.
Most of the time inmates stated in there cells.he wish he could meet the female inmates.the two acros from him Was Abby and Julie. There was Megan and Jill on the northern side of him.
He usually switched sides during m time. He could not decide witch inmate he prefered. He liked both.
This was really weird thoughts.it was comon for a place like this .he got use to it because he had to.
This was how it would be until his sentence was over.
The end.