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Andrew was not a great student. He did not test well.he was smart in certain things but not in others. If you passed the aptitude with a 80 or above you would be garantied a spot in a college. Andrew got below passing.
If you failed the aptitude test you would either try to get a blue coller job or go though the work division. There was a third option. There was a remedial education program for those with special needs. Students could pass the training and get a a schot at the aptitude test. Andrew decided to give. Try.
He arrived at the school. He went to the front desk.”naime please?”the receptionist asked. “Andrew dolin “he said. The clerk found his name. An orderly arrived.
She told him to follow the orderly.he was surprised to see an orderly. He thought he was going to a school not a hospital. Now he was not so sure.
They entered in to the infirmary. The nurse told him to take off his cloths and get in to a hospital gowns.she took his pulse.  She heard his heart.
He was about to put his underware back in and get dressed. She stopped hin from doing so. He was confused. “Students are prohibited from Waring slandered underwater!”the nurse said.
He was very confused about that.”no underware?”he said.”yes that is correct !”the nurse said. He had a feeling that this was going to get worst.he was correct. He could not be prepared for what was next.
“All students must be diapered at all times!” the orderly said. He took a great big gulp. “I have to ware a diaper?”he asked. “Yes. That is the rules.”the elderly insisted.
“Why is that?” he asked.”this is a school for those with special needs.some are like you normal students with just some difficulties hear and there. There are other students who have medical and devoomentle issues some include incontinence or other bladder issues.” the nurse told him.
He wanted to leave the school.this might be the only way to actually become something. If he did not he would work in the mines,he had to do this.
“Very well!”he relented.she opened a drawer. She pulled out a diaper. She put it on a gurney. She told him to lay down. He did so. He was so humiliated when a nurse placed baby powder on his wee wee area. The head nurse closed it.
He was then given medical scru s.on the back said student. He fell more like a patients or inmate.at night patients wore medical joneys.this was horrible he had a feeling that it would get worse and he would be right.
He was shown his room. There were two beds. By beds I mean cribs. “This is awesome!”he thought.
They let him alone.he decided to stay in his room for a while.this was turning out to be a really bad idea. The mines were not looking so bad. He was not ready to do that but he was getting close.
He just Sat on the ground. The door opened. He saw a young women. She was around his age.she wore the blue scrubs and was barefoot inside sandles.
“Hi are you a freshman?”he asked. “Yes. I missed the test by a point! I am Annie! I am your crib mate.”she said.
I was really pleased. We would be in different cribs.you can’t leave the crib sense it is locked. Intimate contact is against the rules. Sense this is part of the government it is a crime punishable by jail time. According to the rules nudity was allowed except for removal of the diaper witch could only done by staf.
“Are you Waring a diaper?”he asked.”yes I have to?”he asked.”May I see it?”he asked.she pulled the draw string pants down.he got horney. He showed her his.
He started to need to pee. He paced around the room. “You have to pee don’t you?”she asked. “Yes I do. I really don’t want to pee my diaper!”he said. “You can’t use a toilet.you might as well do it!”she said. He tried but I could not do it. Finaly he pied.he found it strange at first.he came to like it.
He enjoyed the clases.he took a placement test and was a signed to smarter group.he picked up on things. He was excelling.
He felt like he had a chance at life.all was not lost. He might have a future after all.
He got used to peing in his diaper.he liked the convenience of it. He started to look forward to peing his diaper.
“Oh no!”he said “what is it?”she asked.”I have to poop!”He said “it is not that bad ! I have done in.”she said
She took my hand and told him to not fight it. She told him to just let it go. He did so. The poop came out. He felt so uncomfortable.
After a time,he even enjoyed fecal incontinence. He looked forward to that. He was doing good.
At the end of the year he retook the aptitude test and was accepted to an actual college.
Now he would have to get pointy trained again. Or would he?
He and Annie went to her house.they got an air mattress with tons of sheets. They undid the diapers. They had sex even with the poop. They loved it.
The end.