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Edmonds correctional facility was a prison only for those sentenced to death. Apeal were rare. Most who  enter this facility never leave.
death penalties we’re caried out by cell blocks. Executions were held once a week. The condemned did not know when there sentence would be caried out until the day it was caried out. The prison staf and warden would not know until they were informed by the ministry of justice.
The warden stood by the phone every Tuesday morning. The warden got the call. “Warden Jennings !”he said. “This is the ministery of justice division of capital punishments. “The official said. “Helo sir. What block is going to be executed this week?” the warden asked. “Cell block 14! ” the bureaucrat declared.
“Very well! I will inform the cell block commander. Preparation Will begin at once.”the warden said. The public official was happy with that. The official was a stick to business kind of guy. After a short time the conversation ended.
He called the commander of cell block 14. Lt. Valerie cran got the call. She answered the call. “C.b 14. Lt. Cran hear?”she said “lt. Your cell block has be selected to be emptied out today. “I understand we will be ready !”she assured her superior.
The lt in charge informed her staf. They went over protical for the day.many of the guards were New.for Manny, this would be the first execution they would be involved in.
Gracie was in a deep sleep. She was Waring a green t shirt and no panties. She rarely wore anything below her waist at night. She was startled when they were awoken at 5:30. Usualy rise was 6:00.
Gracie was convicted of murder. She was innocent. She was found guilty any ways.
Kendra had already been awake. She wore a green t shirt and panties. She was convicted of sterling bread. Her family was poor. She hoped that if she got caught the restaurant owner would understood. The owner not only prosecuted but insisted on the death penalty as a lesson.
Katie was naked. She found the cell too hot. She chose to sleep in the nude. She was convicted of not compiling with the dress code. Her skirt was above the knee.
“May I have your attention! Your cell block is being cleaned out today. “Cran said.
Gracie started shaking. She started crying. She hugged Kendra. Kendra tried to be strong.
“Ok you have twenty minutes to compose yourself. When that twenty minutes is over,you will be taken to shower. “Cran said.
Everyone was very nervous. Kendra and Katie started to kiss. They touched each others tits.they licked it for comfort.
Gracie was not impresed.they were all about to be put to death and all they could think off was acting on there lust. She gues she could not blame them.
How could this happen. In the old days there we’re appeals. Even comutations. Sense the nationalist party took over the government,they rewrote the construction. They made it harder for those convicted of crimes to avoid there punishment. All verdicts were final as was penalties.
Gracie wished that she would be pardoned at the last seconds.she knew that that would not happen.
The guards returned. All of the inmates had to strip naked. They were escorted pass the male cells to the showers. The men loved that.
They were told to shower thoughly.they got in and shower. They washed each other except dir Gracie. She kept to herself. The brothers had comforted each other.she would not indulge in any of that. She was puritanical and would stay that way.
They dried another off. They were told the they had to ware a diaper. They all put there diapers on. They put on the diapers. They were led to a wating room.
They would be executed one at a time. Everyone was nervous. Some cried. Some paced the room. Others just stared into the room. The female gourd entered. “Kendra your first!”she said. They hugged her. Gracie hugged her as well.
There was a view screen. The inmates were forced to watch. Kendra was put on the table. Her arms and feet were placed into straps. An iv drip was set up.
The device was activated.the toxin went though her body.her body began to convulse. Then her body stoped. You can see urine stains on her diaper.
A doctor examined her body. She was pronounced dead. Everyone was stunned. They all knew that they would have to go though this.
After five more were put to death it was Katie ‘s turn. She and Gracie hugged. Katie was placed on the gurney. She was plagued into the machine. The machine was activated. The machine was not working. The dosege had to be upped. She started to drowl. She kept gasping for air. Finaly she stoped moving.
The urine and feases fillled her diaper. She was pronounced dead. The body was shipped to the morgue.
Then it was Gracie tern. There was no one to hug her. Many considered her to be a misfit.they thought she was arogent.in reality it was because they knew that she was innocent. Even the guards did.
She laid down on the gurney. She had a pillow placed behind her head.it was kinda comfortable. The device was inserted.
The device was activated . they had trouble with the device.they had to put in on high. Then the device froze up. She was stil alive.
They gave her a pill that relaxed her muscles. Finaly she died. Her body was sent to the mouge.
The bodies were striped and eased. They were buried in the prison grave yard.
The cell block was cleaned out. There would be New prisoners soon enough.
A few months after the execucution,the true murderer confessed. The man proudly proclaimed getting away with murder. The sate refused to admit had messed up. They said it was a pablicty fanatic. He was sent to a mental asylum to keep him away from the media. She was not the first to be falsy accused and not the last .
The end.