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David lanigon was once a mid level manager for a sucesfull cooperation. He thought his life was going well. Apparently that was about to change. While he was taking a walk he was nabbed by a psychiatric hospital staff. He was placed in a hold until an evaluation was complete.
He is now under confinement at a nearby mental hospital. He does not think he should be there. They usually hold someone who is reported to them. The only way to get out is by evaluation by an evaluation commite. It takes a couple of days for the evaluation to be complete.
The first night at the hospital,he got into bed. They had given him a pill that made him per and poop. They felt that upotty training calmed there patients. Plus some of there thraphy caused temporary incontinence anyways. This made things easier at least for the staff.
He got on the bed. He closed hu eyes. He felt someone in the bed with him. He opened his eyes and saw a female patient in his bed.
Apearently coed sleeping was encouraged . only neither was allowed to remove clothing. Physical contact was allowed except any sexual contact. He was not surprised by that. Holding on to  her eventually fell asleep.
The staf woke everyone one up. The patients had to get up. Dave became aware that his diaper was very wet. He felt very uncomfortible.
They were also taken to the shower room. He watched the patients ,male and female get changed out of there soiled diapers.they were cleaned. In a way it was kinda hot. He just wished that he was not one of those getting a diaper change
So weird just two days ago he was a mid level manager with a promising carer ahead of him.now he was In a hospital unable to control his blader.
When it was his turn he got on the gurney.it was so humiliating. His diaper was full of urine and poop. His penis hit aroused he was given. Sponge bath. Then he given a shower. He was so glad to be done with that.
He got dresed in the white uniform. Then they all went to breakfast. After break fast they had a brief free time and then He was to meet with a counselor one on one.
“I’m Dr. Morrison!”the doctor said.David introduced himself.”do you know why you are hear?”he asked .”no I don’t. I was walking and all of a sudden I was kidnapped and whisked hear!”he said.
“Do you believe you are hear iligitimently?”the doctor asked.”I do not feel I need to be hear. I do u understand the law and see the need for the law to be followed!”he said.
“Do you believe that you should be hear?” the doctor asked. “No I do not sir. I am hopefull that the bored will see that. “He told him.
“You do not believe you a threat to yourself?”the doctor asked .”no I do not. “He told him.
He did not know what to answer.he could not understand why he was hear? He knew he did not belong there. He had no idea how to convince the staff of that.
End of part two.