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David lanigon was taking a walk though hovind streets.he often took walks . he found it therapeutic. As he walked,he saw a large Gray van.
The van seemed to be trailing him. Hw had no idea why . he figured it was All in his head. When He walked on to the next stret there they were.
He was really getting spooked. He hoped that this was not what he thought it was. He decided to stay calm.he just kept walking. The van kept following him.
He came to a dead end. Oh crap he thought. He was hit by a stun gun. He fell to the ground.two tall muscular man in white uniforms picked him up and dragged him into the van. He was placed in a a stracher. His sandles were removed. His hands and feet were placed into straps.
  He woke up in the van. He demanded to Be let go at once. No One responded to him. What was going on He thought to himself. Was I being kidnapped? He was not worth any money nor was His family.
He did not think He was going to be a victim of human trafficking. He doubted he was going to be raped.
He saw the van  pull into a hated area. He saw sign. It said Morrison psychiatric hospital. Was was I being committed to a mental hospital?he thought. Perhaps this was all a mistake. Mayby they got the wrong person.he hoped that that was the case.
The van parked. He was wheeled out. He was taken to an intake area. He was unstraped. The gurney was wheeled out.
He was left alone in the room for a for seccond. There was almost nothing in the room. There was only a bed and that was about it.
After a few seconds,the door opened. A man in a lab coat entered.
“Helo David! I’m Dr. Carter Warren I am the hospital administrator. “The man said.”why am I hear ? “David said.
“Your family have decided that you have been acting erratically. You will be hear for 72 hour observation. ” the doctor said.
“Who decides if I get to go home or not?” he asked. “It will be up to the bored of admisons to witch I chaired .” he said .
” I see. “David said. “I need to look over the admission Please look it over. “He said. He looked it over. He decided not to make it a big deal. “It is accurate. ” he said.
He was asked to sign it. He made sure that that was all he was signing. He did sign it.
“Very good. I need you to follow me!”he said. They went to another room. It was an intake room.”please remove all Jewry and belts!”he said.he took off belts,and wallet and watch.
“Please remove your clothing!”the administrator said. He pulled off his green t shirt. He pulled it off his head. He then unzipped his paints. He pulled them down to his legs and then pulled them off.
He then took off his underwear. He dislikes being nude in front of others. In college he avoided showering in front of others.even changing in private. This was not what he liked.
It was very cold. “You are very uncomfortable being naked in public. “The doctor asked. “A little. “He said.
“It is ok ! “He said. He feared that the doctor would make him be naked for a long time.
He sent for an orderly. ” take him to secondary intake!”he said. He was escorted though several corridors.he saw patients and staffs. Apparently seing nude people was not out of the ordinary.
The door opened. “The rules are no sexual contact. Physical contact is encouged. We require all patients to be diapered. We find it has a calming effect on affect. Plus some therapy causes incontinence. “The orderly said.
“I have to be diapered?” He asked.”yes you do. You cannot remove your diaper or remove any ones else’s. Only staf members can remove it. ” the orderly said.
An orderly shaved his pubic hair . his leg hair was also shaved.
He was given a diaper. He put it on.the diaper straps were closed. It felt squishy and weird.
Then he put on the white check scrub and pants.he had sandles. He was taken to a room where a blind fold placed on his eyes.he was given soft music and suggestions.
After he was taken to a rec room. A young women who was Waring a white hospital issue night goan and a robe. She hugged him. He felt her diaper.
“Hi I’m ally!”she said. He introduced herself. She seemed nice.
A girl named Becky introduced herself.she wore a white top but no bottom. Just a diaper. Aperently modesty was not a big deal hear.
Everyone was told to go to there rooms. I was taken to my room. I had not pied yet. I had to go. I tried not to. I was given my night meds.they included a pill that made me pee and poop.
Ally got in bed with me. I asked an orderly. Apearently they encoureged coed sleeping.this place was odd.
He hoped to wake up not hear.he knew that that would not happen. He fell asleep. He had not had a full day yet. He was not looking forward to that.
End of part one.