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” I was falsely caused of embezzlement from my company. I was unable to prove my innocence.the prosecution had no case but Despite that,they were able to get me convicted. I was sentenced to five years in prison. I was allowed to have a mounth to get my affairs In order before I gave to report.”
“I could not appeal the case . when I accepted employment,I signed a deal saying I was under the authority of the cooperation. Any employee of the company had to agree to be tried before a private cooperate prosecutor.all verdicts were final. I could not do anything about it now.”
“I tried to enjoy my freedom to the fullest while It lasted. I watched a lot if tv. I took warm showers. Enjoyed my bed and eat the food I liked. I knew soon it would be taken away”
“I tried to make the most of the time I had before to report. The time had come. I set my alarm to have plenty of time to get ready. I took a shower. I put on a green t shirt and jeans. I got into my car and headed to the Rossi correction center”
” the car ride was long and arduous.I got more and more nervous the closer I got to the prison. I saw the sign. I stoped at the front gate.I showed the paper work and was told to park. I was let in. I was comited now. There was no turning back now. ”
The gate came out. I went inside. I arrived at the parking ares. I parked the car. The sign said to leave the keys in the ignition. I was told not to lock the door. I got out of the car and closed the door”
“I walked to the front office. I handed the paper work to the desk clerk. I had some paper work to fill out. Then I Sat in the waiting room. ”
“I was told that it was time . I got up.I was escorted to the waiting area. I was told to remove my shoes. I then pulled off my green t shirt. I pulled out the belt and then unzipped my pants. I pulled them off. ”
“I hated to be naked in public or in front of anyone. I had no choice. I complied with the demand. I then took off my underware. I was completely nude. I hated it”
“I went to the shower room. A guard gave me a rectal exam. Then I was given a shower and then was dried off. ”
“I was given a green sweatpants and green v neck shrubs but no underware. ”
“I was subjected to long decision deeling with rules and procedures. Then we went to lunch. Then we were slowed to go to a lounge. Then it was bed time”
“I was escorted to my cell. I had not seen my cell before. The room was smal. There was one bed. There was me and another cell mate. ”
“If you need to pee,do it now do it now,you will not be able to until the morning. ” the guard said .
“We took turns peing. We were given underware to ware to bed. We were told to get comfortable.our hands and feet were placed to restraints. A gourd put our pe uses in to cathitors”
“I was very uncomfortable. My cell mate started to cuddle with me. It felt weird. I could not move around.I finally fell a sleep.”
“Before I knew it,it was time to get up. The restraints were removed.then the cathitor was removed as well. We dreamed. Today was my first full day as a prisoner”
“My cell mate hugged me. I was nit big on public displays if affection especially those of the same gender. I decided to go with it.  I had no idea how he would react to rejection. I did not say anything”
“He was not a bad guy. He was a non violent offender just as I was. The next night he got on top of me before the restraints were put on.”
“One night we were both naked .if felt good. I liked his skin against myine. I came to like being with him. ”
“One day he asked to suck my duck. I pulled down my pants.He licked my penis. I went at his. ”
“I got used to life In prison. I figured I could do the five years. I would be ok. ”