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  Ally and nicky had been friends for a long time. They were friends sence grade school. They apeared to have an unshakible bound.
Aly was very conservitive. She dresed traditionaly. Never wore pants. Never showed arms and her skirts always covered her knees. She never consumed alchole or swore. She was the pinicle of vurture. She was kind and certius. She was qiet.
Nicky was a poler oposite. She was brash, she was in your face. She was politicaly liberal. She did show arms but was not imodest but not anywhere near as modest as Alison.
Had they not been childhood friends with a long history together ,sutch a friendship might not exist. There friends and family and there husband did not quite understand it.
At first it had been a point of contention. Aly’s husband saw her as too brash. Nicky’s husband was a bit jelous sence they were so close.
They soon realized that there was no way to seperate these two. They decided to acept it. It worked.
All of a suden they stoped talking. Neither one saw the other. When asked by there husbands,neither one wanted to talk about it. The two families used to hang out. There kids became friends as well. Then it was suddenly all over. Only those two knew what was going on. Neither one wanted to talk about it.
  It had been a few mouths. Aly husband noel decided to get some answers. “Al it has been four mounths sense you and nicky have talked. What is going on?” She asked.
“I dont want to talk about it!” She said. “Come on. You tell me every thing. I want to know what is going on?” Noel asked.
“I can’t!” She said.”you have to tell me. I won’t take no for an answer!” He declared.
“Alright! It is a long story!” She said. “I have the time! Talk!” He said. “Alright i will tell you!”she said. “Finally !” He said.
“You might change your mind after i tell you. On the last night we hung out,every thing seamed the same. It did not turn out that way. ” She said.
“Hi al!”nicky said. “Hi ! Happy birthday!” Ali said. “Look aly. I need to tell you something. I have a confession. ” She said.
ally noticed that nicky and her husband amd gone from hating eachother to somewhat crodjial. She began to suspect that they might be having an afair. She feard that that was the confesion.either that or she was in love with him. She was way off.
“Ok what is it?” Ally asked. “I am in love with…”nicky said. “I knew it! How could you? “Ally said.”i never intended for it to happen. It just did!” Nicky said.
“Noel is my husband !” She said.”noel! What are you talking about ?” Nicky asked. “Your in love with noel?”ally asked. “No i am in love with you!” Nicky said.
“Your in love with me? Love is in love?”ally asked. “Yes i have been in love with you for a while.i could not tell you!” Nicky said.
“Look i am not a lesbian. I love you,your my friend,very close friend. This is too far! “Ally said.
“I can’t deny it any more!” Nicky said. “I can’t do this please leave!” Ally said.
“We have not spoken sence!” She said. “She is a lezzbo?” He asked. “Apearently. I could not deal with it. “Aly said. “You don’t plan on ever speaking to her again?” He asked. “I have not really thought about it! ” she said.
Neither one wanted to talk to the orther. After four mounths of no comunications,nicky decided to go see her.
“Hello!”nicky said. “Hi!” Ally said.”i am sorry. I did not meen to hurt you!” Nicky said.
After this they started talking again. It was not like it was. They used to hug and even kissed on the cheeks occasionaly but not now. Now it was cold. It was business like.
“This is not working is it?”ally asked. “No it is not!” Nicky said. “Do ypu find me sexy?” Ally asked. “Please i don’t want to do this!” Nicky said. “Answer me!” Ali incisted. “Yes i find you sexy! “She answered.
“Do you want to get inside me?”aly asked. “Yes! Those skirts of yours drive me wild. “Nicky said. She started to leen over to kiss her. Aly started to move away. Nicky drew her close. This time aly did not pull away.
Nicky tore off ally’s white blouse. They kissed. Aly took off her black tank top. Ally pulled off her bra and licked her boobs. She had always liked nicky’s boobs but atempted to surpress her feelings but not now.
  Nicky then tore off aly’s boob and ceresed and licked her boobs. Nicky loved her boobs as much as she did. 
Aly pulled down her jeens and off. Nicky pulled off her jeens. The two took off eachother’s panties.
Nicky licked ally’s pussey. Theb aly went at nicky. Then they cuddled. Neither expected this to happen. Neither one knew what would happen next. Right now they just enjoyed eachother’s compony.
The end.