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  Tracy and amy had been friends for a very long time. They were now both in there early thirties. They both had a family.
They were both very conservitive. They were qiet and.reserve.  tracy had a secret. She had secret lesbian tendencies. She had never acted on it. No one knew not even her cloest friend. Not even her cloest friend amy.
Tracy was ashamed of it. She kept it secret. She supresed it. For the most part she suceded. It was doomed to fail eventually.
One day tracy’s hot water tank stoped working. Her husband would not be able to look at it until after he got home from work. She decided to ask amy if she could use her shower.
“Hey ames can i use your shower?”she asked. “Go for it!”she said.
Tracy wore a gray sweter and blue jeen skirt. She went in the bathroom. She pulled off her gray sweter. She then pulled off her skirt. She took her bra off. Then her panty. She jumped in.
She started thinking about amy. She wished she was with her. She tried to forget about it. She tried to think about something else.
Amy heard the watter runing. She thought about her friend naked. She stoped herself. This was so wrong. She thought of something else.
Tracy dried herself off. She just remembered she forgot to bring a fresh set of cloths to change into. She went outside in only a towel.
“Hey can i borow some cloths?”tracy asked. “Of course tray!”she said.
Amy never her in a towel. Tracy felt weird about it. She went upstairs. She pulled off her towel.
Tracy had never been in amy’s room before. She snooped around . She found a book called “strugiling with lesbiansm!” She never knew.
She got dresed and came downstairs. “AMY why did you never tell me you were gay?”tracy asked. “I’m not. “She said.
“Do you find me atractive?” Tracy asked. “Tray come on! We can’t have this conversation!” Amy insisted.
Tracy came over and kissed her.amy moved away. She was about to kick her out of her house. Her lips felt so good. She returned the kiss.
They ran upstairs to the bedroom. Tracy was the agressor. She pulled off amy’s top. Amy pulled hers off.
They pulled off eachotther’s skirts. They took off eachother’s bra and panty.
Tracy licked amy’s pussey. Amy beged her to keep going. After a while,amy took her finger inside tracy’s pussey.
They cudled for a while after. They got up got dresed and leaved. They avoided eachorthers for a few weeks.they did not go near eachorther.
They pretended nothing was wrong. They did not let the husbands know or know anything was up. They went to eachothers house. It was akward but they hoped no one noticed.
Would they have another trist? Only time would tell.
The end or is it?