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Abby was a kindergarten teacher.she was a piller of the comunity. She was involved in multiple cherity work. One day she was driving when a car rammed into her.
While it was clearly the other guy’s fault,the guy was the son of the police chief. The chief had her tox results doctered. She was charged with dui.
The citty had a no tolerence policy towards drunk driving.the town required those guilty of oui to serve a mounth in jail. She also had to pay a fine. Her conviction was posted on the town’s website and apeared in the local paper. Her carer at least in this town and sate was over.
She was to report to the county prison. As an educator,she dresed very conservitivly. She would not be waring it for long.she put on jeens,a t shirt and sandle.
She put her afairs in order.then she headed out of the door. She drove to the prison. She made she was there early. She knew that the town government had it out for her so she did not want to give them any reason to go after her more then they already had.
She went to the front gate and oficialy serendered to the prison. She was processed.
She had to strip out of her street cloths. She was forced to remain naked for quite a time. She was given a full cavity search.
She was put in an orange two peace uniform. She hated being cuffed. She felt that this was not necessary sence this was a very sucured ficility any way.
She was then escorted her to her cell. The door opened,she was led inside. She cringed as the cell door slams shut. Her shakles were removed from the cell.
She turned around and saw her cell mate. She was roaghly the same age. Abie was not a lesbian. She never had been. The cell mate laid on her cell. She was barefoot.
“Hi I’m cassie!”her cell mate said. She seamed nice enough. Aibie just wanted to get though this mounth. She tried to be nice.
The cell was cold. There were no blankets. She found it hard to sleep. She turned around. There was cassie. She started to cudle with her.
Abie was weirded out by all this. She tried to push her away. Cas pleaded with her not to. She was soft. She did keep her warm. She decided to go with it.
The next night there she was. She wondered if this would go on every night. She hoped that was not the case. At least that was what she thought. She was not so sure.
One night she was crying. Cassie huged her. She held her. Abie found she liked it.
One night they kissed. It was not clear who kissed her. Once it started it did not stop.
Casie had a thing for abie. She had from the moment abie arived but did not dare to say anything. Casie played her hand inside abie’s orange pants. Abie was about to protest but she decided to go with it.
Cassie pulled off her pants and painties. She went it and fingered her pusey. Abie was horified and exicited all at same time. After fingering for a while cassie took her tounge and licked her pussey.
The next night abie decided to iniciate. She pulled off her pants and went right for casie’s pussey. She also licked her boobs.
Abie got used to being incarserated. She lost track of time. She had to be told that it was time to go. Both cried when she left. She did not want to be arestes again. She did miss casie.
The end