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Marea was beutiful. She was confident. She was smart. She loved tedy bears. She had law degree as well as a business degree. Her farther was local chairman of the ruling political party. Many believed she would be a leading political figure in the future herself.
Marea was a regestered lawer. While she was a member of the district prosicutors office,she rarely got into a court room. I. Her off houers she liked to sing at dance halls. She was known as marie the fun girl.
That was just a front,a facade. Every one knew she led a double life. What they did not know was that she led a tripple life.
She was a member of the secret police. She held the rank of full colnel. She was a sector commander. She enjoyed conducting interogation. She especially loved conducting interigation of females.
She wore a white sweter with black sleveless dress. Her feet were bare in heels. A sicurity officer enteted.
“Mitress colnel! The prisonor has arived!” The sicurity officer informed marie. She ordered the prisonor be brought in.
Julie dray was a law school student. She served in the student council at her university. She did volunter work. Her farther was a member of the senate from an opisistion. They dared not go after her farther. So they went after his daughter.
  She was leaving her class when the police showed up. She wore a blue coat,brown shirt and gray pants and sandles. While they wore uniform of the local police she knew who they really worked for.
She knew about the secret prisons. She tried to be brave. Inside she was a nervous wreck. “Mam will you come with us?” The officer asked. She decided not to put up a strugle. She did not see any point in it.  She agreed.
She folowed them to a sicluded area. “I’m sorry. I have to do this!” The officer said. “I understand!” She said. She placed her arm behind her back.she was cufed. She was escorted to the police car. The door was closed.
She was driven to a secret location. She was terned over to a special multi jurisdictional judial specilist team. It is another word for toturers. She had heard the rumors of this goon scauid.
A hood was placed on her head.it was not because they feared esape. It was in a swamp in the middle of no where. It was an intimidation tactic.  It was working for the young co ed.
  It took an houer to arive. The car parked inside a parking gerage. She was led outside of the ficility. She was led to an area right outside the interogation area. It was about five minutes before she was sent in.
Her hood was taken off. She started to shake. She had to pee.she figured that they would not permit her to go to the bathroom.
The door was opened,the doorman told her to come in. She was led inside. “Remove her restraints!” Marie ordered. The shakles were removed by the lead gaurd.
Marea told the gaurd to move back. Marea huged her. “I know your scared but it is going to be ok. You don’t need to be afraid !”marea said.
“I am not a criminal mam! I have tried to be a loyal citizen!” She tried to asure her. “Your farther is a senator with the opisistion. Some of his satements are borderline treason. You have not distenced yourself from him. You have advised him especially on getting younger voters to support him!”marea said.
“I was not aware voting is a crime!” She said. “Julie these are parilous times! We can’t tell the diference between terrorist and politician. Many hide there sidicous act in political activities!” Marea said
“Please i am not a trator. I am loyal to the government. “She tried to asure her.
“You ok,you seam to be skirmimg a lot!”Marea said. “I have to pee really bad!” She admited to the interogator.
“I cannot let you use the bathroom! I am not alowed to! If you help me perhaps i can help you. I need something! “Marea incisted.
“I promise you,i don’t know anything. He is not a trator and neither am i !” She said.
“I hate to do this! Gaurds procede!” Marea ordered. Her sandles were removed by a female gaurd. She was hoisted up and her hands and feet were put in manicles. ”
She felt weird being hoisted up she tried to fight the urge to pee. Marea handed her water. “Drink!” She incisted. “Please no i will piss myself !”she said. She made her drink the water. She kept drinking.
She felt the urine fall down to her leg. It started up smal. Then it was a like a damb bursting. It just kept comming. They left in her soiled cloths for a couple of houers.
Marea came back in with her enturage. She felt tired. She had flimsey feet suport. She constently felt like she was faling but never fell.
  Marea took a knife from one of the gaurds. What was about to happen? Was she going to kill her or just stab her in a part of her body that would not cause irepreble harm but a lot of pain.
She began to suspect that marea was a sadist. That was not what she wanted in an interogator.
She went over to her. She shutered. She took the knife near her heart. She seemed to be perparing to strike. Then she stopped. She ripped her sweter. She riped it into shreads.
Then she ripped her shirt. She then cut her bra. She touched her brest. She started to suck them. She kissed her tits.
  She felt quite degraded. She was humiliated. The problem is that she did not know anything. If her farther was part of a plot to overthrow the current government ,she was not aware of it. She had worked on several of her farther’s campaigns but her focus was getting out the younger vote. She was a pop culture advisor.
She figured the secret police knew all that. They did not for a moment suspect that she was involved in any terrorist or subversive plot. They probably did not suspect her farther of any wrong doing. This was about intimidation. Julie knew she was not safe. She could be killed.
She then ripped her pants. Then she riped her panty. She licked her pussey.
She had been hoisted for seven hours. She then spent four hoers upside down. The blood rushed to her head. She felt awful.
They then took her down. They put her on a device that resembled the middle agea toture device called a rack. Then they let her eat. The food made her vomit.
Then she was taken in a room and questioned for hours. They asked her about her farther,the opinion party,her political views,terrorist groups and acts. It went on and on.
While the secret police called her farther. They incisted he resign from the senate and refran from politics and leave his political party. He was afraid for his daughter.
Every time he agried to there teams,they moved the goal post. He was not sure what to do. Against the advise of his party and his aides,he resigned from the senate without a deal. He ended his afiliation with the peoples opinion party.
They still refused to release her.he began to suspect there was nothing he could do. She would remain in there custody until they decided to do something different.
  Julie was water borded. It was awful. She hated watter. Under the peace full sate act,all information from acedemic, medical psychological could be terned over to interogation teams. 
She decided to fully coperate. It did not good. She was at her whims. She decided on a different tatic.
“You know what’s unfair?” “Julie asked. “What’s that?”marea said in a snarky fashion.
“You got to see me naked! You got to fondle my brest. You got to touch my pussey. I did not even get to see your tits!”julie said.
“You like me?”marea said. “Your very hot!”julie said. Marea opened took her boobs out of her dress. “May i touch?”julie asked.
She let me. I touched. She loved it. I suspected she was a closet lezzy. She was not too secritive about it.
She had nice brest. I fondled them.then i kissed them. I told her to strip naked. She pulled off her blue sleveless dress. I took off her panty.
My hands and feet were in restraints. She got on top of me. It was great.
After six mouths if capitivity,i was released. My farther tried to return to his medical pratice. No one would hire him so he went to work as a wielder.
They sedated her and droped her off at a hospital. She was naked. She was treated and released to her farther.
She left college and worked in her farther’s compony as a business manager.
A few years later, the ruling party fought amongst themselves. The opisistion parties staged a bloodless coup and restored the old democratic republic.
Her farther was a cabinet secritary in the new government.she found marea. She should turn her over to the war crimes triburneral but she had orther ideas.