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I was feeling sick. I thought it was a simple stomick flu . It did not go away. I feared the worst. It really freaked me out.
I hated hospital and doctors. I hated the thought of being at the hospital. After days of feeling like el crapae,i decided to bite the bulet and go to theve.r.
I was able to drive myself to the hospital. I went to the e.r. lukily it was a slow night and i was able to get in prety easy.
I went to the front dask. I was given a clip bored and filled out the paper work. I was getting nacious filling it out. It was taking a long time. It was making me sicker then i already was.
Finally i turned it in. I waited . I tried to read a magizine but it made me feel worse so i stoped and waited. I tried not to get more woozie then i was.
Finally i was called. They put me in a wheal chair. I was taken to an area in the e.r. i was helped on to the hospital bed. A nurse helped me out of my cloths. I wore a tan t shirt and jeens. She helped me out of my tan shirt and then my jeens.
I felt weird being in my underware in front of a young women. I knew she was a nurse and that she was a perfessional. It did still brother me. She then helped me into a hospital gowan. The er doctor conducted test on me. They discovered that i had a rare virus. Although it was painful it was not life thretining.it require exstensive treatment with medication. They decided to admit me and put me in a private room. I did not want to have an extended hospital stay but it seems that i had no choice. If i wanted to get well,i had to be hospitalized for a few days.
I was put on a strecher and taken to a room.  They begun to treat me right away.  the good news was that i was responding well to the treatment.
I slept a lot. I was in and out of sleep. I woke up and saw another patcient a male. He was in a hospital gowan like me. I tried to stop him but he told me to be qiet.
He placed his hand on my mouth. He worked hard to muffle my words. He pulled up my gowan. He pulled down by underware. I was about to be raped in a hospital. Great i thought.
The man touched my penis. It was stimulated. I don’t know why but it did. He then licked it. Before a nurse came in,he was gone.
I did not stay anything. I decided not to expose what had occured. Later on that day,the man came back. He raped me again.
The treatment began to work. I slowly recovered. I began to feel better. Soon i would be able to go home.
The man came to see me. He got on top of me and huged me. I begged him to lick my penis. I cumed in his mouth.
Then i pulled up his gowan and pulled down his brief. I licked his dick. I had never had any homosexual inclination whatsoever. I wanted his dick. I kept going.
I was going to miss him. After a four day stay i was discherged. I changed back into my street cloths. A friend came and got me.
I got home. I stil felt a little weak. I was told that it would be another werk before i fully felt up to snuf.
My male friend was eiger to help me. I asked him to help me into bed. I asked him to stay with me. I started to cuddle with him.
He seamed to be a little weirded out but he wanted to help. We fell asleep in eachorther’s arms.
We woke up. I came over and kised him. He felt weird. He pulled away. I asked him to stay. We kissed again. I went for his shirt. He went for myine. We pulled off eachother’s jeens. We pulled off eachorther’s underware.
We licked eachorther dick. After we cuddled. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was a new era. All thanks to that hospitization.