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Amy had a deep dark secret. She liked to ware diapers and pee in them. She was very careful to not let anyone know her secret.
  She shared an apartment with her friend aly. She had been able to keep her activities secret for quite a while.
One weekend her friend and roomate was gone for the weekend. She had the entire apartment to herself. For her that ment one thing,diapers.
She waited till she was sure that aly was gone and would not be back until sunday night.
She waited until she was totally sure that the coast was clear. When she was,she went to her room. She took off her blue jeens first. Then i pulled down my pink panties. I had a secret spot in my drawer for diaper periphalia. I pulled it out.
I got out the diaper and put it on. I then put my jeens back on. I drank a lot of cofe and watter. I lunged around.
I felt like i had to pee. I waited and just let it happen . Oh it did. The urine flooded my diaper.  I sat in the urine. I liked the feel of a soiled diaper.
I was watching a movie in the living room. I was startled by the sound of the door being opened. I was too tired to let it phase me.
“You havint gone to bed yet?” Ally asked. ” oh crap i thought to myself. “No i got watching tv. Why are you back?” She asked. “I changed my mind. I would rather vedge hear then go off!’she said. “Oh!” Amy said.
“Did you piss yourself ? Why is there a bulge in your crotch area? Are you waring a diaper?” Aly asked.
“Um this is not what it looks like!”amy said. “I am not even sure what it looks like. What is going on?”aly asked.
“Well i like diapers. I am not abdl or anything like that.i just like waring and using diapers. I know its weird. Every one has a hobby. You a girl in her twenties stil watch helokity religiously.”i said hoping to deflect the attention from my odity.
“Where did this come from!”she asked. “I don’t know. I was a bad wetter until i was eight. Sleep overs kinda went out the window for a long time. One day a few years ago i pied myself and i liked it. I then put on a diaper and pied myself. I liked that”i told her.
“It is not that weird. How long has it been sense you changed it ?” She asked. “I have been waring this diaper sence you left'” i admited.  “You could get a really bad diaper rash'”she said.
“It goes with the teritory. I love the feel of a urine soaked diaper!” I said. “Ames you are really weird!” She said. “I know.that is why i have kept this on the d.l”i told her.
She helped me up and got a watter proof sheat on the bed. She helped me to the bed. “I can do this myself !”i protested. She did not respond.
She pulled off my jeens and threw them into the washing machine. She pulled off the diaper. She cleaned her off.
“Do you want a fresh diaper ?”she asked. “I do!”i said. I told her where they were. She put it on me. It was so hot. Being diapered was her was awsome.
“Can i put you in a diaper ?”i asked . “You want to put me in a diaper ?”she asked.”yes i do!” She said.
She decided to let me. I pulled down her black pants. I pulled off her panties. I put her in a diaper. We watched movies together . We fell asleep . We woke up with soiled diapers.
Outside of home we did not ware diapers. When we got home diaper time. We both looked foward to it.