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  “I drove home from work. My car stalled out. I stoped the car. My car had got struck by a nail. I was really unhappy. ”
“It was getting dark. My cell phone did not get a signal. I was traped. The road was not traveled. I seemed to be crap out of luck. I decided to wait.i figured someone would drove by. ”
“It was several houers wating that someone stoped. If i had beem female i would have been more woried. I was a male in my thirties so i was not to woried. That was a huge mistake on my part. ”
“A car stoped. I flaged them down. I was so releved when they stoped. I was concerned that there were five of them. They seamed willing to help. I was concerned”
“I had a very bad feeling about all of this. I ignored it. I needed there help. They ofered to drive me home. I should have said no but i did not. I ignored my conscience. I thanked them for there help”
“Instead of driving me to my home. They drove me to a spot even more sicluded then where i had been. ”
“What is going on?”i asked. They took me out of the car. I tried to fight back. They tackled me to the ground. I thought to myself ‘oh crap i am going to die!’ They had no intention of killing me. Although after what i had gone though,i would not be aposed to it!”
“Two men held my arms. Two more held my legs. They unziped my pants. They pulled mt underware down. The leader licked my penis. I had never had gay sex before. It was verry bizare. I did not like it!”
“I got arosed. Doctors told me it was a comon response. It did not meen that i waa gay. After he was done,he handed me off to one of his henchman”
” i was orilly raped by five men. Then they striped me out of my cloths. They left me in the middle of no where. I had to walk three miles before i made it to civilizations. I fainted”
“Someone called the cops. I woke up in the hospital”
“They did a rape kit. I refused to cooperate with the police. I moved away and changed my name. I wanted nothing to do with my old life or with the case. I just wanted to move on. “