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“I’m tessa my friends call me tessy. I had never hurd of rape. The first time i learned about it was watching a tv show. It was horifying.the thought of someone forcing someone to have sex against there will! ”
“It consumed my thoughts. I became obsed with it. Eventually i moved on. I now knew what it was but that was about it. I went back to my old self. The only thing that changed is that i knew what rape was”
“While at colege,late at night my roomate Rebecca pinned me down. She ripped my night gowan and licked my pussey. She thretened to kill me if i told anyone ! ”
“I never did. I kinda enjoyed it. I suspected i was bi sexual for a while.  I began to be more and more convinced of that. ”
“I fantisized about lesbian rape. I could not bring myself to do it. I wanted to know what it was like to be the agressor. I  kept it to herself. It was my deepest darkest secret.i wanted to keep it that way!”
“While at home i found myself thinking about my mom. She had me young and was in her forties. She was stil stuning. I woundered what it would be like!”
“I should have stoped myself. I should have not let my mind wonder. I did not heed the warning signs. I kept going. I let the thought develop and it went to a very dark place. A place i could have pulled myself out of but did not go there. I did not take it. There was a bad result!”
“I tried to talk myself out of what i planed to do. After a feq days of back and forth i decided to go though with it. I am going to do the unthinkable !”
“I put on all black. I hid in her closet. Mom wore a black pant suit. She took off her shoes. I always thought she was atractive.”
“I waited. I made my move. I pulled her to the ground. I wore a mask. She kicked and scream. She tried to fight me off. I was stronger then her. ”
“I pulled down her paints and pants. I licked her pussey. I think she just assumed her rapist was male. She had no reason to think otherwise ! ”
“I then pulled off her pant suit coat and undershirt. I licked her pussey though her bra. I loved all this. I tied her up in her bed. I left. I called the cops. They did a rape kit!”
“I got a call on my cell that she was at the hospital . I ran to the er and pretended to be all concerned. She was in her hospital gowan. I gave her a great big hug. ”
“She was schocked to learn that it was a women that attacked her. When we went home she asked to stay with her that night. We cuddled. ”
“I was afraid she would figure it out. I was in total fear. I went back to college. I got maried had kids. I am 27 now. She never figured it out!”
“Finally i decided to come cleen. I sat down with her. I fully confesed. She stoped talking to me for a while. ”
“She finally called me and said she forgave me. I did not tell my husband. On one trip mom huged me and went inside my shirt. She said ‘tonight i am going to punish you’  I could not wait.