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  People in miller cove were the healthiest in the whole sate. Life expectcy was five percent higher then the national average.
Over the last five years there was a rise in devople disorders and alsimers. It was over looked at first. Then it was down played by the media and public health oficials. Then it was undeniable . There was no mill,no industerization. Nothing that could acount for it.
One person had a theoey. She saw a paturn. She beleved it was a nurve toxin. She believed this was a terrorist attack . No one would listen.
“Look your evidence is compeling. It is not difinitive miss…”the mayor said. “Callie Robinson. ” The young lady said. “We will look into it. ” He said.
There was a weird smel. The mayor seamed to notice but did not want to say anything. She had taken a shower and put on a fresh diaper but had had forgotten to have an enima.
She was fecally incontinent due to a war injury.
She tried to get away as soon as she could. She tried to go into a subway. There was no public bathroom. She finally found a convient store with a public bathroom.
She pulled down her jeens. She opened her diaper. She had pooped once then once. She had notice it. She took out whipes and cleaned herself. It was a long and difficult process . She put on a fresh diaper. Then she put on a fresh pair of jeens. Ah the pitsfalls being incontinent she thought.
She left. The cashir was a little concerned by her taking so long. She smiled in an akward mannor.
She went to her car. She drove off. She hoped that they believed her. She did what she could.
She heard on the news a week later that the cdc and national institute of health were investigating.  She did not get any credet. For her it was not about that. She was hoping to get a job from this. She was given a medical discharge from the military . She had been given several citations including the purple heart.
She hoped to get hired somewhere. She went to the mayor and asked him if she could serve on the commission sense she alerted them.
“Look! You did good! You don’t have the qalifications and there is your medical condition. “He said.
“I am disabled!”she said. “Fecal incontinence is not covered by the a.d.a. I’m sorry!”he said.
She walked out the door. She was very dipresed. A man in a suit went over to her. “Look i know you have a hard time!” He said.
“Please leave me alone!” She implored hI’m. “Look i can help you though your dificulty if you let me.”he said. “How is that? ” she asked. ” i am craig edson of edson industeries. I would like to hire you!” He said.
“I am incontinent!”she said. “I know. So am i?” He said. “Right mr edson hair to one of the bigest coperation in the world incontinent.”she said. “I really am!” He said. “Prove it!” She said. He opened his pant to reveal.a wet diaper.
“I’m sory. I was out of line!” She said. “I understand ! Come to edson hq 8:00 sharp!” He said.