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” I’m slave 115. I was born bryan grayden. I was a lawer and a member of the provincial legislature. Our nation went to war with a nearby nation. ”
“We had won the war and were now a regional power.  In defeating the nation of grayhound we made new enimies. The nation of santon saw us as a threat to there program of expansion. They lunched a sneek attack along with there alies”
“Gray hound rose up and revolted. Nations alied with us turned on us. We were unable to fight back. We surendered. Many military and political leaders were imprisoned or excicutes”
“I was a member of the provincial asambly. I was not a federal oficial. I hoped that would help me. I decided to seak help”
“I contacted an oficial in the ministry of colonial afars for the nation of santon. I hoped to avoid being arested. We had lost. The name of the game now was survival!”
“Your best chioce is to become a slave. Find a prominent member of society perferably a member of a santonian aristrocratic family,old money ,that is your only chance!” The oficial said.
“I did some reserch and discovered that the family of the house of renelds wanted slaves. I was able to set up a meating. ”
“I had a lot of skils. I was a lawer.i had served in the military . I had experience in administration finance and the like. I had run my own law firm and knew how to run a buisiness.i was also in goos health. I had worked on a farm. I believe i could be an aset”
“The meeting went well.After the long diner the representive decided to make an offer. ”
“You agree to turn over all rights to your personhood and body to the house of renelds. You abandon all claims of rights for life. We will own you completly and totally. “Lord micheal renelds said.
” i can agree with that! ‘” i said.”there is one orther thing. “The lord said. “Alright ! What is it!” I asked. “You will have to be castrated. All slaves in my house are castrated!” He said.
” I was horified. I liked my


penus. The thought of it being removed. I feared inprisonment or death more. I had 48 houers to give an answer to the house of renelds. I was told any slave owners would say the same thing. After giving it thought i decided to agree to the terms”
“I was to sureder myself to the house of renelds in a week. I sold or gave away all of my stuf. All i had was my cloths. I wore a green shirt and jeens and sandles.”
“I arived and presented myself at the check point. I was taken to the mane house. I signed paper work. A coller was put on my neck!”
“I was taken to the plantation clinic. A nurse walked in. ‘Please take off your cloths!’she instructed. I removed my t shirt. I then took off pants and my underware. I was given a full examination. ”
“After she told me that she needed to brand me. I understood. I laid on my stomic and waited for the brand. I was told it would sting a little. I braced for it!”
“The iron struck my naked back.it was not so bad. It stung but then it subsided. I was glad when it was over”
“Look i need to get your penis mesurements!”the nerse said. She got my usual penis size. Then she showed me her brest even let me fondle them. She got my thing up. She took those mesurenents.”
“She gave me a few minutes by.myself before the penactomy. Then i was moved to be preped for my surgery. My penis would be totally removed. A hole for peing would be created. I was put under!”
“I woke up in extreme pain. I screamed and screamed. I woke up fell asleep woke up and fell asleep.a few days later the bandege was removed. I got to see what i looked like.”
“My balls were gone. I was told i had to pee siting down. After i recovered i was put to work. I did some office work and domastic chores. I liked the work. ”
” male slaves wore women’s panties shorts. That was all. I was given a night goan by.my miatress. I wore it off duty. I was not sure what i was. I was a slave. That was all that matered!”