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Becky and jill had been friends sense they were little. There mom were friends. There friendship went all though elimentry school and all the way though high school.
The two went in different directions. They went to colleges on different parts of the country.they seam to go there seperate ways. It seamed never to realy reconect.
Jill was the dominent one. She was a natural leader. She was super outgoing. Becky was qiet. She was an introvert.
  Jill found she missed her friend.what becky did not know was that jill was a closet lesbian . She had fantisies about beck. She would never tell becky. Becky was very conservitive and would be horified if she learned that secret. She kept it on the d.l.
She hated the thought of never seing her again. She came up with an unusual plot. She was going to make becky her slave. Once she had her,she would never let her go. She would be her slave for the rest of her life.
She droped out of college and bought land. She turned the basement into a dungeon. She set up a rac like they had in the middle ages. She set up pulley,a cross,manicles and stoks. She brought dog coller ,chains rope and other slave peraphanelia.
Her next task was to capture becky. She decided to set up dummy coperations. She located becky and hired people to find her and have her escorted to her property.
One day becky left clases. She walked from the clasroom complex to the dorm. She felt herself fall. They put a bag on her head. They flew her by private helicopter fron the west coast to jill’s new property on the east coast.
Becky had been sediated and kept unconscicious for the trip. Then she was brought to her property. She was brought downstairs to the basement dungeon.
Becky has worn a green sweter,brown paints and green flip flops.jill had a foot fetish and liked her feet.
She pulled off her flip flops. She then pulled off her shirt. Then she renoved her pants. Then she took her bra and panties off. She put her hands and feet in manicles.
She woke up tied up. Her eyes were blind folded. She demanded to be let go. She was kept there for hoers. She got very tired. That was what jill wanted. Jill wanted becky worn out.
She had pissed herself several times. She felt urine trickle down her legs. She slept woke up. She was so scared. She feared the very worst. She thought it was over.
Then she was moved. She was brought to the ground. Jill made her sit. Her legs were put into staks.
She was subjected to subliminal meseges. “I love the mistress! I live for the mistress. I live to please the mistress. I want the mistress to fuck me. I want the mistress to lick my pussey!” The mentra and other were repeated over and over.
She did this for weeks. She had her do task around the property.finally after weeks of training jill made her sex slave.
After six mouths jill revealed her identity to her. By then she was fully trained. She was carefull. She kept her chained all the time. She never fully trusted her.
Beck was content. All she had to do was obey. Jill did love becky. She was caring. Becky was provided for. The training did not work. It wore off. Becky liked this arangement.
She had always been a submisive. She preferred to be told what to do. She found the idea of being a sex slave very hot. She had no intention of leaving. She had been atracted to jill for a long time. She did not want her to know at least yet. She liked all this. She liked the idea of being subdued. Eventually she would fully surender. She would play out the power strugal for a bit then end it. Eventually she would fully yield to her mistress.  She was excited for all this.