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  It is my first day in prison . I was sentensed to life in prison . I was inocent but that did not matter.
In the future almost no one acused is not convicted. Aquital are rare. There is a saying that it is more likly to see a phonix fly out of the but of a unicorn and dance and sing then to be found not guilty at a trial.
So hear i am. Siting in my cell. I am waring a dark blue two peace scrubs. I was barefoot. The cell was small but i did not care about that.
I was hungery. I could not wait for lunch time. That was assuming that was a lunch time. I could not count on that. Prison were not usser friendly whatsoever.
A female gaurd arived. She opened the area where i was to place my hand. This ment that i was going to be put in handcufs. I was used to this by now. I would not say that it did not brother me but it was normal.
She placed my hand in cuffs. I was instructed to back away. I was to be up against the wall. I complied with the instruction.
She unlocked the cell door.
She told me to stay where i was. I fully complied. She was very atractive. She had long brown hair. She was neither tall nor short. She was somewhere in between.
She sat down. She told me to come over. I had no idea why but i obeyed any way. She asked me to sit near her.
I sat down. This was really weird i thought. It was about to get even more weird in the next few minutes.
She unbotoned part of her shirt.she then opened more of her bra. I got a little excited for a few second. I figured there was no way that it could be that.
This was an extremely strict prison. I doubted that took place hear. I was woundering what was going on. It was very strange. In truth every thing in hear was.
She pulled her boob out. She told me to suck her tit. I started to suck. In this prison,inmates are brest fed. I sucked on them.  All of the thing i had been though sense becoming a prisionor,this was one of the most humilating. I kept going.
Then she burped me. Then she buttoned up her shirt and left my cell.
I hoped i would get solid food at some point. That never happened. I was only fed by brest. As degrading as it was,i did get to see her boob. I got to feek it.
I started to look foward to it. It was good and bad at the same time. I was a good prisoner. I did not want them to take away the boob or replace gaurd monica with someone not as atractive. I cooperated.