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Jenny and julie have been friends for years. They were friends sence the first day of kindergarten. They had good and bad times but there friendship endured.
They could not be any more different . Jenny was very girlie. She loved fashon. Julie never looked bad. She tried to be presentible but could not care less about trends or anything like that.
They did not have very manny common interest. They looked at life from very different perspectives. They still eachorthers compony. The diferences made the orther person stronger. Either that or it worked all this time so why stop now? Either way neither one were wiling to change there curent relationship.
Jenny was adventurous. She craved excitement. Julie was shy and qiet. She was very sweet. She tended to play it safe. It never led to any real conflict between the two they just laughed it off.
  One day julie was in her room changing. She was in her bra and panty. Jen just barged in. “What are you doing ? “Julie said. Julie fled into the closet and put on a sweter and jeens.
“Come on jules! Really !” Jen said. “There are bonderies jen!”she said. Jenny liked how she looked.
That night she had a dream about having gay sex with her friend. She was horified. She could not believe it.
She avoided her friend for a couple of days. Julie was perplexed by her behavor. It made no sense.
The more jenny tried to surpress the thoughts ,the more she thought about it. The more she thought about it the more it turner her on.
She fantisized about her friend. She vowed to never act on it. She tried to act like nothing had changed. Julie could tell that something was up.
Jeny started wearing more provocative cloths when she was around ger friend. She lean over to show clevege or her panties. Julie thought it was a bit strange but did not give it a lot of thought.
  One day they were chating. Jen was a little closer to her on the coach then she was comfortible with but did not say anything about it.
As they talk,jen leaned over and started to kiss her. At first julie leened over. Then she recoiled and stood up. Jen apolozized. They tried to act like nothing had happened. They engaged in smal talk.
The night was over after that even though they hung out for several houers after the non incident incident.
As jen went home,they both knew that was the end of there friend ship and it was. They ran into eacohother. They made plans neither one intended to keep. Then that stoped. They both seamed to move on. That chapter apeared to be over.
They barly saw eachorther any more. They seamed fine with it. They had moved on.
Jen one day thought about her now ex friend. She could not stop.now she thought to herself ,there friend ship is over. Why not go for it. She decided that she would.
She dresed in all black. She walked to her house. She watched her for houers. She waited until julie went upstairs.
Then she broke in. Julie did not have any security system. She was inside. Julie changed into a night goan.
Jen walked upstairs as qietly as she could. She slowly made it to her room. She barged down the door. She wore a mask.
Julie screamed. She tried to fight off the attacker . She pinned julie to the bed. Julie strugaled with all her might
She figured that her attacker was male. Jen pushed up her night gowan. She then pulled off her panties. She pulled her mask up and blinfolded julie. She licked her pussey. It felt so good.
She then pulled down her pants and underware. She made julie lick her pussey. Then she left.
Julie knew who it was. She was angery at first. She wanted to report it. She could not just not bring herself to do it.
She waited a couple weeks then she went to see jen. “Hello! Jen!”she said. Jen tried to act natural. They talked. Jen wanted to get away.
Julie then shoved jen to the ground. She pulled jen’s dress up and licked her pussey. Jen liked being raped.
“We are even! Can we be a normal consentual couple now?”julie asked. Jen was no position to argue. Not that she wanted to.