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  “I’m annie. I am 22 and my sister katie is 20. We have always been close sence we were kids. There were phases where that changed but mostly it remaned strong”
“We could not be any more different. I was very silly. She was more serious ,somber. I was a lawer,she was a nurse. After college we decided to room together. Neither one of were partiers. We were stil different. We made it work!”
” I was fairly liberal. Not in my politics but in my daily life. She was more conservitive more traditional. On my first day home from work. I came in. I engaged her in smal talk. ”
“As i was talking i pulled off my black suit coat. Then i took off my black pants. I took off my shirt. I removed my panty hose. I was just in my bra and panties”
” What are you doing ?” Kattie asked. “What do you meen?” I asked. “You have a room! Can’t you change in there?”she asked. “Come on katie! We are two adult girls hear. We are sisters. Do i have to change in my room in my own home?” I said. “I live hear too!”she said.
“I decided not to fight it. I went in my room and changed. I decided to make her happy. I was not mutch for modesty. I forget to close the bath room door half the time. She on the orher hand bearly took off her shoes in the house for fear of showing off her bare feet in front of someone.”
“I put up with her excintricities. We did share the apartment. We both have eaquil satus in the home. I tried to keep the peace.”
” i did not tell any one but i was bi sexual. No one knew. I tried to keep it that way . I on ocasion enjoyed lesbian porn. I made sure no one was around. ”
” one night i had s dream about having gay sex with katie. I was horified. I tried to keep that part of me private,seperate. I wanted it to be  a gestalt. I tried to forget about it. I could not get it out of my mind. ”
“It overwhelmed me. I tried for two weeks to get it out of my mind. I could not. After a few weeks i decided to act on it. I knew that she would never agree to it wilingly. I had to push the issue!”
“One day,she came home. She wore a brown coat,black sweter and jeens and shoes with no sox. I had already decided to act a few days erlier. When she locked the door,i sprung into action!”
“I rammed her to the floor. I pinned her down. She started yelling at me. She demanded i stop this at once. She said that this was not funny. ”
“I was able to subdue her. I felt my boobs. She tried to resust. I went inside her sweter. I felt her tits from inside her bra. ”
“I pulled down her jeens. I pulled down her panties. I licked her pussey. It felt so good. I kept going. I then pulled down my pants and panties. I forced her to lick myine. ”
“The realization came to me. I was in deep do do. I had raped mt sister. She was my room mate. I was woried now. ”
“I decided to tie her up. I then fled the house. I drove away. I was not sure what to do. I just drove. I feard going to jail. I always dreaded visiting clients in jail. I took comfort in the fact that i could call for a gaurd at any time. Now i would be probably for years. I would have to register as a sex ofender. I would probably never be able to practice law again ! ”
“I drove and drove. I decided to face the music. I did do the crime.mayby. i could though some treatment and avoid jail time. I went home!”
” i turned off the car and slowly got out of the car. I walked to the apartment. I opened the door. ”
“Hi hunnie! “She said. ” Look … “i started to say. She interupted her. She was waring a bathrobe and was barefoot. “Where have you bean?”she asked. “I went for a drive. I am going to turn myself in ! “She said.
“You would look so hot in a prison suit. You dont have to. I have not told any one! I was wating for round two! “She said.”really ?” I said. She kissed me.