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In the future, a regime obsesed with population control took over the government. Instead of develping a ugenics fomula trying to preserve the best and brightest or those they saw as desirible,or even a lotery they just ramdonly rounded up people,shiped them off to death camps killed them”
  Soldjers were given a number of people to round up. They found them and off they went. No one was safe. Being in the military helped a little. If you were on liberty in or out of uniform and by yourself ,you were fair game.
  Every year the mandate on this program wore out. It was suposed to be reviewed. The mandate had been renewed without any serious review.
  Many did not leave there holmes. That was not pratical. You had to work and shop for food and orther necesities. You went out did your business and went home. Usually they did not go house to house. They detaned people on the streets.
A man was at a market. He wore a gray t shirt and jeens. The sholjers were prety ramdom so you never knew when they were comming but you knew they were eventually.
He brought some foor then headed for his car. He heard the noise. “Oh crap!”he thought. He ran into the car. His car stalled out. “You gota be kiding! “He said out loud.
A scaurd of soldjers came at him. They serounded the car. A sodjer who was on experimentle steroids aproved to enchance soldjers riped oppen the door. He tore it like it was nothing.
Dale rayman was pulled out of the car. He was picked up like a rag doll. He was forced into a buss.
The busses used to transport condemed were red. They had no other markings. Every one knew what they were.
Dale could not believe it. He had been captured. He just wanted food. He was going to buy a few things all food and some drinks. That was what he did. It had backfired on him big time.
He was placed next to several others. They were people from all walks of life. The buss was brought to a remote area of the provence. It was shielded by fances with a type of futuristic barbed wire. Not that anyone wanted to get in to this particular facility.
Every one was very nervous. No one esaped. When they were detained,it was over. It ment certain death.
The gate opened,the buss entered the complex. The buss proceded to an intake area. The buss stoped. The soldjers barked at those in the buss to get up and leave.
The men and women were seperated. They were led to a preperation area. Dale was not very up on news and curent events. He tried to avoid all that.most people did try to ignore the death camps and pretend it did not happen.
They were told to strip. Dale took off his shoes and sox first. Then he pulled off his gray t shirt. Next he unziped his pants. He pulled them down. He then pulled off his underware.
He hated being naked in front if orthers. At college while other male students went into the shower room naked or waring little. He was not one of them. He was carefull not to be sean while showering. He even disliked not waring a shirt.
Now there he was. Odd he dreaded being naked in public,now that he was,a part of him found it erosing,erotic, he kinda liked it. Were he not about to be killed he might find it very erosing.
He looked at his penus. It was in erosal mode. He tried to get it down. What did it matter now.so what if he was erosed. He decided to go with it.
He saw that some of his fellow detanties were erosed as well. He felt weird looking at other men’s dick. It did not matter now.
The gaurds ordered us to leave. They were taken to a galows. There were room for six. Dale watched as six naked men were put on the galows. Many of there dicks got big. The lever was pulled.
The man fell down. They struggled to breath. They fought on. They refused to yield until the very end. Dale saw the men pising one last time. The pee went down there legs and on to the ground.
This went on and on. It had gone on for houers. Then a gourd taped on dale’s shoulders.he knew what that ment.
He cooperated. He felt the rope put on his neck. The lever was pulled. His legs kicked up and down. He felt himself go. The pee relased.
After his body was removed. His body was put in the truck with others. They were buried in a mass grave. The process would continue.