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“I’m jeny. I am a nurse at a long term care center. When you think about a nersing home ,you think about old people home. My ward is all younger people . The people on my floor are those in a coma. ”
“My family did not understand why i worked on this floor. It was hard work. It was harder then any other wing. The patcients can do nothing for themselves. ”
  “Jen we have a new patient!” Her supervisor told her. She was brought to see her. Her name was becky.
Becky was a 23 year old college student. She was driving home when she was hit by a drunk driver. The other driver was at fault.
She was waring a hospital gowan.she had a blanket. She was verry atractive even with the scars. She was hooked up to iv. I felt bad for her. It was quite a tragedy.
Doctors were not sure if she would ever wake up. It was possible she might live the rest of her life in a vegitative sate. They just did not know.
“I took her sats. First i took her tempiture,blood presue and orther readings. I recorded them in her chart. ”
” Then i pulled up her gowan to see if her diaper needed to be changed. It was very full. I decided that this was a good time to give you a sponge bath as well!”
“I removed her diaper. I washed her veginal area. I had to be thorough. I started to get aroused. I was angery at myself !”
“I could not believe i was being so unprofessional. I tried to fight it. I tried to focus on the task at hand. I put baby powder on her and gave her s fresh diaper. I then put on the plastic pants over the diaper. ”
” I pulled off her gowan and bra. I washed her hsir first. She had nice hair. Then i washed her neck. I was carefull washing her boobs. She had great tits. ”
“I was not a lesbian . I had absolutely no lesbian tendentcies whatsoever.i was really suprised and perplexed. This was so unlike me! ”
“I washed her legs and feet. I then gave her a fresh hospital gowan. Luckily i had a break. I went to the lounge!”
“I saw a fellow nurse. Gabrielle came over. ” you ok jen!”she asked. “Of course!” I said. I tried to shrug it off.
” I know what going on jen. We have all experienced it!”gab said.”what do you meen?” I asked. ” You got aroused bathing the patient. It happens to all of us. It freaks us all out! It will pass!”she asured him.
“It was hard to believe it. She had been doing this for four years. She was in a position to know. I took her at her word. I hoped it would turn out as she described!”
“The next day her mom and sister came in. It was akward. I felt like i took advantage of there loved one. I tried not to be awkward and weird. I tried to act normal.  It went ok. I was glad when they left. I don’t think they noticed that i was acting weird. At least i hoped that was the case! ”
“The time came again to change her diaper. I thought to myself ‘ok i can do this!’ ”
“Does miss becky need a diaper change? ” i asked. “I pulled it off. It was quite full. I then put a fresh one on. I got arosed but asured myself it was a biological responce and no big deal. I was not a devient. I was not sure i believed it. I kept teling myself that any ways hoping eventually i would believe it!”
” the arosal did not go away. It intensified. It drove me crazy.i had a dream one night. I dreamed about gaving an encounter with her. I was horified. ”
” I was afraid that i had to quit or transfer to another floor. I reconsidered. I calmed down . One day i had to take a break and went to a sicluded area and pulled my scub pants down and my panties and pleserued myself. I thought of her”
” i was so mad at myself.  One day i was washing her hoo hoo and i realuzed i was fingering her. I stoped. ”
“One day i started licking her pussey. I was now a devient. I was so afraid i would be caught. I tried to act normal around her family and co workers. I did not do it again !”
“I came in one day and got a suprise! ” “hey jen good news! Becky is awake! ” a nurse said.I thought oh no. I tried to be calm. ”
“Well hello there! You look a lot different from the last time i saw you!” I said.
“I can imagine! I am glad to be awake!” She said. “I woundered if she knew!”
I was told to check her diaper. I really did not want to. ” Hi do you need your diaper changed?”i asked. “I never thought i would be asked that. I do. I really hope i can regain control of my bladder!”she said. “Give it time. I don’t think anything is imposible for you!” She said.
She smiled. “I removed the tabs. I took it off then put baby powder and put on a fresh one. ”
“Your not goung to finger me?”she asked . “Oh no i have been caught. I was going to lose every thing ! My job my reputation. I might even face criminal charges. ”
” Look i am really sory about that! It was wrong and unprofessional. ”
” relax jen! I am not interested in exposing your secret.  Hoever i think you owe me! “She said. “What do you want?” I asked.
“I want to see you naked!”she said. “Will we be even if i do?”i asked. “No if you want my silence i am going to own you. You don’t take a crap without my permission ! Your cute! You have been very kind to me. I apreciate all you have done. Your my favorite nurse! I don’t want to ruin your carer. I have some capital now and i want to spend it. “She declared.
“So i am basically going to be your slave!” I asked. “Basically yes. “She said.
“Alright !”i said . “Remove your cloths!”she demanded. I shut the door. I pulled off my blue scrub top. Then i took off my pants. Then my bra. Then my panties!”
“She told me to come over to her bed. She touched my boobs. Then she touched my vaginal area. ”
“Eventually she was moved to another wing. She reganed much of her mobility. She was released from the facility. ”
“I believed i was in the clear. I slept very soundly that night. I woke up feeling strange.”
“My hands ans feet were tied. I was diapered. There was becky. “It is almost time for you to be bathed!”