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“I was acused of murder. I was inocent but that did not matter. I was convicted even though i did not do it. I was sentenced to thirty years hard labor!”
“Hard labor was just that. You worked twelve houers a day for six days. The cells were converted barns. You were barefoot . No shoes or sox. You worked hard or you were punished.”
“Solitary confinement was a box witch could pass 120 degries. You got no compasion. They don’t cut you any slack. Labor camp were worse then death row. At least on death row there was an end. Not so hear. Very few people made it to there perole. ”

After i was formerly sentenced,my hands were placed behind my back and into hand cufs. My waist and feet were placed into shackles. I was placed into a prison buss and transported to a labor camp witch was three hours from the court room. ”
“We were told that there was no bathroom breaks. If we had to pee just soil ourselves . Once i started it gushed out. ”
“When we left most inmates had pissed themselves . We were taken to a court yard. The inmates wached us.”
” We were unshackled and we were ordered to strip. We removed our shoes. I took off my t shirt and pulled it off. I then removed my belt. I unziped my paints and pulled off the jeans. I then pulled off my underware. ”
“We were given diapers. We were told that we had to be diapered during work time. We could go without diapers in the barn. ”
“The uniform was a gray top and botom scrub like top and paints. The pants had drawer strings and shirt had a v neck. We were taken right to work.
The work was back breaking. It was hard. You could not show any sign of fatigue or slowing down. If you did,you risked ending up in the hole or schoot ! Sometimes they schot to kill other times to mame. Believe me you wanted them to schoot to kill !”
“The wreather was hot. We were alowed to take off our cloths. Many worked just in there diapers. Peing your diaper became second nature!”
” i was so glad to be in my cell. The barn smelled like feices and piss. You got used to it!”
” a fellow prisoner greig who was a little younger then me ofered to remove my diaper. I was reluctant but decided why not. ”
“He took off my very soiled diaper i got very arosed. I asked him if i could remove his. He agried. I enjoyed it. ”
“The barn was hot and uncomfortable.  I felt awful. I just wanted to be home and back in my own bed. I knew that that was not going to happen. I tried to acept it. I tried to make the best of it. ”
” it was time to go to sleep. Many inmates cudled with eachorther. Greig ofered to be my cudle budy. I agreed. I liked the feel of his naked body agest myine. ”
“The next morning we were woken up by loud music. We stood outside our pen. We were horsed down with water horses. We were fed with something kinda like food then we got to work”
” i volunteered to remove greg diapers. We did it every day. It was very enjoyible. I looked foward to it. We suck eachorther cock frequently. ”
“One of the things inmates like to do was urinate on each orther. I loved to get pied on. Not so much with being deficated on though. ”
“One day an oversear holowed my last name! I reluctantly came over. I had never been to the hole or even whiped. I was concerned!”
“Yes sir!” I said. “You being released. New evidence has cleared you. You are being released with predjudice by the order of the emparor sine di!” The oversear said.
“There was no apology just ok you can go now. I was not going to argue. I ran like heck and did not look back. ”
“I was given fresh cloths and they paid for a trip back to my home citty. Sense they controled the media,there would be no media presence,no intervue,no book deal. That all souted me fine. I just wanted to get on with my life. ”
“On the trip home i soiled myself. I tried not to be seen as i got out of the cab. It seams life was not totally going to return to normal!”
“I got a plastic sheat put on my bed. I took a long nap then a shower. Then i veged. I did not miss the work. I mished grieg .oh well!”