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” Hi I’m julie. It was my first time out of my county let alone my sate. I was a freshman at colege. I was a little nervous. I was a home scholed kid so this was so out of my comfort zone. I considered not going though with it. I decided to try it”
“I registered. I was told about my roomate. Her name was annie. I was told to be careful. I was not sure why. One person sugested i should request room reasignment. I was not sure why!”
” i was going to enter when i was stoped. ”  a female uper clasroom came up to her. ” You need to knock first!” She said. “This is my room!”i said. “No it is annie’s room. “She said.
I did want to knock. I figured i did not want to ruffle fethers on my first day.
I knocked. The door was oppen. Annie was dressed in a t shirt and panties. I was taken aback bt this.
“I am julie!” I said. “I know who you are! Take off your cloths!”she incisted. “I am not a lesbian !”i said. “I did not say you were! Take off your cloths!” She incisted.
I was reluctant but decided not to make an isure of it. I removed my sandles. Then i pulled off my pink shirt. When i woke up i had no idea that i was going to disrobe in front of a stranger.
Then i took off my jeens. I took off my white bra and then my purple panties. She touched my boobs and vagional area. She touched my feet.
“Great i thought. Not only is she a lesbian prevert but she has a foot fetish. This is going to be a really long year!” I thought.
“There is a pedilock on the bathroom. Only i have the padilock combination. “She said.
“Where am i suposed to pee! “I asked. “You will ware a diaper!”she said. “Woa i don’t think so!”i said. “Look jules. I am in charge. I am your mistress. You are my slave! Do not challenge me!”she said.
“I did not sign up for this!”i declared. “Next rule you will sleep on the ground. You will be chaned. I will let you go in the morning. No drinking no parting. You go to clases then you return hear. You don’t think without my permission !”she said.
I protested. It did not good. She took out a diaper. I put it on. She closed the straps. It felt squishy and weird. She put a collar on me and chaned me to the bed.
The next morning she unchaned me. She made me shower with her. She bathed me. It was degrading and humileating. She made me wash her after wards.we dried eacother off.
I was alowed to dress during clases. I was glad to be away from her. I forgot about her during the day.
I was not a social buterfly. I was happy to ablige. I wanted to be home witch for now was my dorm room. ”
I got to my dorm. Annie was not there yet. She had a camera in the room to make sure i complied. I took off my brown shirt and jeens.
I had vowed i would not soil myself . I did well until i fell asleep. I woke up and my diaper was very full. I felt so humiliated. ”
” She came to my room. I was in a bra and diaper. She was pleased. She tied me up while we did homework. She got undresed and just wore a t shirt.”
” after three hours of study she said we could take a break. She took out her boob and brest fed me. I really felt degraded now. I kinda liked it too. I was not going to admit it at least not then. 
For my first break i went home. It was far away from my mistress. I refused to be diapered. It was nice to be free again . I almost considered not going back to colege. I woke up mt blankets my nightie every thing was soaked. Oh crap i thought. I tried to get into the laundry before any one noticed. Had i become incontinent?
The next night same thing. I snuck buying diapers at the store.luckily my mom did not see me do it.
I wore a diaper. I put a plastic sheat on my bed. I did not wet that night. I found i was looking foward to being back. I would not have to hide who i was. I should be mad at annie. She did this to me but i was not.
When i got back i huged and kissed annie. She said she missed me. I tore off her black sweter. She took off my green shirt. I pulled of her gray skirt. She pulled off my black pants. Then i pulled down her panties. She removed diaper. Stil in our bra we fingered eachother.
After i was punished for iniciating. She spanked me but i did not care. We cuddled. She tied me up and we went to sleep.i wad stil her slave and she was a mistress.
After the time apart i found i missed her. I was dependent on her. It was fine. I satisfied her and she did the same for me.