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Katie and dale were in love. They dated for two years.  Dale without any hint perposed out of the blue. She was so happy and gave him the bigest hug you could imagine. It was so romantic.
They could not be more happy . All of there friends and family were just as excited. Plans for a big weding was going foward.  every thing seamed to be on tract. She had a secreat. One that could threten there mariege.
It gnawed at her. She feared once her secret was out,he would call off the weding. She finally decided to talk to her minister about it privatly.
They had weekly mariege counsiling. She requested a private meating. “Look i have a secreat!”she said.
“Ok it is clearly troubling you. What is it?”the minister asked. He asumed she had had sex before mariege probably with someone other then dale or something like it. He did not expect what she told him.
“I’m incontinent?”she said. “Oh!”the reverand said. ” when i was little while we were overseas i got an infection. I lost blader control. All atempts to counter it have failed. I have been forced to ware a diaper. I can’t control it most of the time but if i don’t ware a diaper its is not a prety site. “She said.
“Will it afect reproduction ?” The minister asked. “It does not seam to! Doctors believe that i should be able to have children with no problem. My menstrual cycle acurs as it is supposed to! It may be messy and gross. Before i met dale,i tended to keep to myself. I bearly left the house. I had been against any romantic relationship but he won my heart! “She said.
“You need to tell him. I don’t think this is as big of a hurdle as you think but you need to tell him. “She said
They went out to dinner three days later.  They held hands but he suspected something was up. She waited until after dinner.
“Look babe! There is something i need to tell you! It is not easy to tell you!” She said. “Ok what is it?” He asked.He got nervous.
“You seen i am incontinent!” She said. “Your what? “He asked. “I have some blader control but not enough ! I can’t rely on it. Day time is not too bad. Night is a very different story! “She said.
“Do you ware a diaper?”he asked. “Yes! I am waring one right now! “She said. ” ok! ” he said. “We will need a plastic sheat on the bed. Sex may get a little messy. Mesier then usual. It will be an ajustment ! I hope this is not a deal breaker! “She said.
He took her hand and squezed it.”no hunie ! It is not a deal breaker. I love you! We will get though this! ” he said.
He found this odd. He remembered that in the time he knew her,she never went to the bathroom. Now he realized that she did.
One day he bought some diapers. He went to a store out of town. No one knew him. He figured he could get the adult diapers without too much trouble. ”
He went home and put on a diaper.  He could not pee in his diaper at first. Finally it let lose. It was odd but it was not too bad.  There weding day arived. They went to the car and headed to there hunnie moon. 
“So did you pee yourself during the cerimony?” He asked.” About six times!”she said. He was completely comfortible with it. She was not.
They went to the hotel. No one but family and medical personele had seen her in her diaper. It was a bizare moment for her.
He took off her weding dress. He then her undergarnents.he saw plastic panties. He saw the diaper. It had evidence of being soiled.
She had dreaded this moment. Even after informing hI’m of this. She did considered not going though with this. She did want to mary him.
As he pealed off her diaper,it was not humiliation as she feered. It was arosal. She found it very hot. He was just as arosed removing it as she was having it removed.
As she removed his pants. She saw what she did not expect. He was diapered. He found he perfered the convenience of it.
There mariege continued to thrive. They had children. They started there own business creating incontinence products and technology as well as abdl clothing.dale stoped waring adult underware and was diapered as well.  They lived hapily diapered ever after.