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“In the future,due to economic instibility and difficulties in getting workers,slavery was reinsated. Poseson was considered 9/10ths of the law. If you were caught by a slaver and sold you were a slave”
“At first only unemployed were the only eligible to be captured and sold. It was viwed as descriminitory so anyone regardless of social or economic satus could be seized and enslaved. As one surpreme court justice said,”if you net um,you get um” that was how it was”
“There were blog post on how to avoid getting captured by the slavers. Some people hired murcinaries to be there own army. I did not think i needed it.”
“I was in my early 30’s. I was a vip of finance for a fourtune 500 compony. I had apeared on the sunday shows and the biz network. I even served two terms in the sate legislature . I thought i was prety safe. I was contribuating to society . Apearently i was not as safe as i thought ”
” The slavers thought that i was a prime canidate to be sold. They decided to Target me. They spent mouths targeting me. They knew every thing there was to know about me including my activities and habits!”
  “They put a device that would deflate my tires. It layed dorment until activated. It was embeded on my tires for a week and i never knew it. ”
“They deverted traphic. I ended up in an abandoned street. At the right time they activated the device. ”
“I heard the tire deflate. I thought to myself oh crap. I was waring a blue colared shirt and tie and dress pants. At first i thought it was just a happen stance. Suddenly i saw a group of people in brown robes. They dragged me out of my car. They were careful not to harm me toi much. They put a hood over my head and shoved me into the back of the van.’
“I was taken to a slave processing center. I was taken to intake. The hood was removed.the door was totally sealed. There was no way out! ”
” Strip !” The head gaurd said. I refused. I should not be hear. They pinned me to the ground.they ripled my shirt open.they tore it off of me in a very violent manner.
They took out a knife and cut my undershirt. Then another gaurd pulled down my pants. I removed my shoes and sox and fully removed my pants and underware. ”
“I was given a full physical . This was to determine how much the slavers would get for me. They took blood presure? I had to pee in a cup. I had to have a stool sample taken”
Aperently i got a pretty peny for the slavers. Who knew? They put a coller on me. I was taken to the cages. There were men and women all naked. Luckily we had seperate cells. ”
The cells smelled awful. There were no toilets. You just pied or pooped in the cage. He just hoped he would not be hear long. Some of the orther slaves to be were crying.some were just stunned!”
“I had to pee really bad. I did not want to piss in the cage. It was my only option. I tried to put it off as long as i could ! I finally decided to let it go. It felt so good. I just kept peing. ”
I fell asleep and woke up in a pool of my own pee. I was taken out of the cage. We were to the shower room. They did not seperate men from women. We all showered together. In another time and place i might have enjoyed it”
“I dried off. I was given a white t shirt and pants and sandles. We were not given underware and had to free ball. I found it a bit unnerving. ”
“I was placed on the pedistal. I was schocked at how much i sold for. It was a lot of money. ”
“I was given an orange jump suit that said property. I was turned over to my own new master. I was transported to the plantation”
“When i arived i was striped naked. I was given the brand of master justin. I was tied to the bed on my stomich. It was very painfull. ”
“I was then taken to the orientation. I met brad my supervisor. “Ok mark your name will now be sarah. You will be a gay sex slave. You canot have hederosexual sex. You may sex gay sex any male slave. You will serve master justin”
” i did not like this. I was not gay. I gues i was now. I decided i had better comply. I was taken to my cage. I was told to practice. ”
“I saw my cage mate. He was younger then me. We laid on top of eachother. He had nice skin.my penus got bigger. He sucked my cock. Then i sucked his”
“I waa scared the first time i was sent inside. I was told to suck the master. His cock was huge. It felt really good. Then he sucked myine”
“I wore shorts most of the time. I did various chores around the premises but i was mostly a sex slave. I never tried to esape. Why would i. I had free room and bored. I got fed. All i had to do was please my master. That was fairly easy! “