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Missy and her sister Elizabeth had always bean close. Both had been acepted to elete colleges and both were well on there wat on the road to success.
One day Elizabeth was driving home when a drunk guy who had no business driving rammed into her car.
The parimedics had to use the jaws of life to extract her from the car. She was rushed to the hospital. It was unclear if she would make it or not.
Missy was in college out of sate. Elizabeth was on the east coast close to there child hood home.missy was on the west coast far away.
She was at the library where her farther called. Her roomate told her to call home right away. She knew it was serious. “Hello dad?”she said. “Missy huny! Liz has been in a really bad car accident!”he said. “Is she going to be ok?”missy asked. “We dont know yet. It is too soon to know. “Her dad said.
She stoped every thing and flew back to vermont to be with her family. She could not get there fast enough.
When she arived,she saw her sister. She was in a hospital gowan. She was hooked up to tubb. Her neck was in a brace.she looked all banged up. She was in a coma. She took her hand.
While she was with her,a nurse came in. The nurse checkec her vitals. She then pulled up her gowan. “Its time for s diaper change!”the nurse said.
It never occured to her that her sister would be diapered. It nade sense. The nurse explaned that she would probably be perilized and would be incontinent mayby for life. Missy.felt so bad for liz. The thought of not being able to control bladder function was a horible prospect.
The nurse checked the diaper. It was full. She took off the soiled diaper and took out rash cream. Missy found herself getting horny. She chided herself for getting erosed. She had not seen liz naked. Both were very tounchy about that.
She tried to fight it. The nurse put on a fresh one. “Oh don’t feal weird about being erosed . It hapends. Its not that out of the ordinary!”the nurse told her.she responded with an ok.
Her sister woke up. She had amnesia and did not remember much. Missy decided to take care of her at home.
“Lizxy time for a bath!”missy said. She put her in the wheal chair and whilded her in the bath. She removed her diaper and night gowan.
She found she enjoyed washing her private parts. She always admired liz’s brest but never told her that. They were all very prudish. You did not talk about thing like that let alone joke anout it under any circumstances.
Missy woundered what it was like to be diapered. She put on a diaper. She decided to pee in it. It was hard to pee in it. She had to break though years of traning and reinforcement. Once it started it did not stop.
Her sister began to improve. She started being able to do more. She even was able to regain the use of her legs. Her memory began to return.
They eventually both resumed there old lives. Both returned to college. Missy transfered to school on the east coast.
One day they were hanging out. “You know miss i hardly think its fair!”liz said. “What’s that?” She asked. “You got to dress me,change me bathe me ! Fondle me i never got the same privledge!”she said.
“I did not fondle you!”she said. “Oh really. You were prety thorough around my tits!”she said. “You want to bathe me?”missy asked. “Yes i do!”liz said.
She asumed she was joking. “Hear i am! Go for it!”misy said. Sence the recovery,they had both become a lot less uptight then they had been at least around eachother.
She marched her into the bathroom. She did not think she would go though with it. Liz pulled up missy’s pink shirt and pulled it off. She then pulled off her jeens.
“Your waring a diaper?”liz asked .”i got curious and put one on. I think i made myself incontinent!” She said. She pulled it off and her bra.
Lix incisted on washing her totally. She washed her hair,belly brest lwgs feet ans vegonal area. She was just as through. “You know! You owe me. I get to bathe you until we are even!”she said. “Really ?’missy asked. “Yes! Unless you want me to blab that you got arosed by me and that your incontinent!” Liz said. “That’s blackmail!”she said. “Yes it is!”liz answered. They both laughed.