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  “I was falsly acused of embazlement. I was inocent but was unable to prove it. I could not aford a good lawer. I was found gulty and sentenced to five years in prison. ”
“I was given a mounth to get my afairs in order before i had to report to the prison. We do not have any kind of perole so i would serve the full term. I tried to make the best of the last weeks of fredom before i had to report. ”
“The night before i tried to enjoy myself . I eat my favorite food. I watched my favorite movies and tv shows. I did every thing i knew i would not be able to do in the next five years. ”
” The next day i got ready to go.i put on a blue shirt and black pants. I gave myself plenty of time to get there. I did not want to be late. I made it in plenty of time. ”
“I parked in the inmate area. I put the plakered that was sent in the mail. I got out of the car and walked towards the maine building ”
“I saw men in there underware. This was odd. I went to the registration area.  I had 15 pages of paper work to fill out.that was not an undersatement. Then i got to the end of it.
“Sign hear and you will now be oficialy a prisoner!”the receptionest said. I paused for a second . I colected my thoughts then signed in. My fredom for the next five years was now gone. ”
“I was taken to be examoned in the med bay. After the exam i was taken to the intake area. I was still naked. ”
“I was given the rulebook. It was 30 Pages long. The dress code was very concerning. It was an underware brief. A tighte whitie. ”
“The rules was underware had to be worn at all times except during shower time. Removing it without permission was a punisible ofense. You had to get permission to use a toilet. Toilet use was controled”
“I was liking this less and less. Not that i expected to like it.after the orientation,i was given my ‘uniform ‘and then peraded though a coridor!”
“I was leered at by the prisoners as i was escorted to my cell. They were all in underware as well. That fact seamed to be lost on them at that moment. I arived at my cell. I was brought inside. ”
“My cell mate seamed normal enough. In his old life he was a lawer. He was even a one term sate legislators but ticked off a judge and was sent to prison. “‘
“It was a very smal cell. I was bored. There was literally nothing to do. ”
” i felt odd. I did not know but the fabic of the underware contaned a dye that made warers horney. It worked. ”
” I wanted him. He wanted me. He got on top of me. We could not remove the briefs but could hump eachorther though the briefs. ”
“I was not gay. Not at all. Hear it seamed different. We did this a lot. I liked him. ”
“I hated visitor’s day. While i loved seing my loved ones. I hated them seing me like this. ”
“One day mike and i got caried away. Our punishments was we were placed in a chastity belt. It was bolted in. There was no way to remove it. I was so happy when it was taken off. We were careful after that. It was going to be a long five years. “