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“Hi I’m amber. I was once a lawer. I was ambitious. I took on the power and more times then not i won. I became a crusader for the disadvantaged. On ocasion i probably got the guilty off as well”
“I believed that that was how it went. In order to champion the cause of the inocent,the guilty sometimes went free. I was on the fast tract. I was an up and commer”
” in my job,i made enemies as well. Some felt i went too far. Some wanted to discredet me. There were ocasional death threats but nothing too serious. I never thought so!”
” i atracted all kinds of attention.not just from haters but also from admiers. What i did not know that a women named jesica became obsesed with me. She was in the court room every time i was. ”
“She fantisized about kidnapping me,striping me naked ,raping me then forcing me to be her slave. I knew nothing about this”
“At first it was only in her mind.she wanted to make it a reality. She dismissed it. She rejected the idea as silly and perposterous. Then she thoght it was too risky. She could not shake the idea!”
“After much back and forth.she decided that she was going to make it happen. She did a little more back and forth but made a firm decision. She was going to make me her slave. Once she had me i would never get free. ”
“She was careful. First she waited until my cases had dried up. Then she made her move.”
“I got a call. She acted all scared and vanerable. I agrred to meat her at her home. I wore my unusual black pant suit,and gray blouse. I arived at the agred on time. I should have known better. I did not listen. I got into trouble because of it. ”
“I got there right on time. I was always prompt. I knocked on the door. She wore a pink t shirt and black shorts. She invited me to come to her couch. She put one foot on another. She sat in a very provocative stance. I was concerned but did nothing about it. I should have ran away but she seamed harmless enough! ”
“I sat down. She discused her case. The whole thing was made up. It seamed far fetched. I listened any way. She gave me a drink of lemonade. The lemonade was druged. All of a sudden,i was out cold”
“I woke up in a dungeon. I was disoriented at first but then it all came back to me. ‘What is going on?”i asked. I was barefoot now. My shoes were gone. ”
“You are my slave now. I am your mistress! From now on i own you. You will do whatever i tell you to do. If you don’t i will punish you!”she said.
“Please just let me go!” I pleaded.”you listen to me slut! You are myine!”she incisted.”just me go! I will forget this ever happen !”i said. “You are my slave. You will cook clean and do other services for me! Do you understand ?”she said. “No this is ilegal! “I said. She pulled my hair. “Yes mistress!”she barked at me.
“I decided to cater to her. At least for now. I said yes mistress. She told me to strip naked ! I refused. She incisted. ”
“I was so scared. I decided i had no chioce. I pulled off the suit coat first. Then i took off my gray shirt.”
“I pulled my black skirt down to me feet. Then i pulled it off. I felt so humiliated. I cried. I pleaded with her. She insisted i keep going. I took off my slip. Then i removed my panty hose.then i took off my bra. Then my panties. I hated this!”
She tied me to a whipping post. She whipped me multiple times. Then she put a dog coller on me. She put me in a smal cage. He tied me to the bars. She closed the door.she went upstairs. She left me there”
” i cried and cried. I just wanted to go home.  I was there for hours. I really had to pee. I tried to hold it in. After several hoers,the pee released. It came and came. The cage smeled like urine”
“The next morning she came to see me. She took me out. She took me to the bath tub and washed me. She then tied me to a bed and branded me. It stung for hoers. She put me in a diaper and kept me tied to the.bed. ”
” she then subjected me to submiminal programing. She made me work naked. I cleaned and cleaned”
” one day i was cleening the floor.she forced me to the ground. She licked my pussey. She loved having sex with me. ”
“She kept a close eye on me.both to keep me from esaping and other reasons. I have not tried to esape. I love it hear. Is it because of my prograning. Were it not for the programing,would i be my old self. Who knows!”