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“I’m julie! I am a chief financial officer of an important compony. I was an up and commer in one of the largest fortune 500 compinies on wall street. ”
“I went to bed one night feeling fine. I woke up very sick. I vomited profusely. I knew i could not go to work. I had not called out in years. I knew i had no chioce. I did call out. I went to bed. ”
“I did not feel any beter. In fact i felt worse. It only got worse and worse. I hated hospitals and doctors. As i got worse i began to see i did not have a choice. I did want to call 911 so i asked a friend to drive me to the hospital.”
“I wore a pink tank top, pajama bottoms and flip flops. I could barely walk into the emergintcy room. A nurse got a wheal chair for me. I was so glad to be able to sit down. I was rushed into the er. ”
“I had trouble moving. A nurse helped me out of my cloths. She took off my tank top. She then pulled off my pazama butoms. Then she unclapsed by bra. She put on my hospital gowan. ”
“I was hooked up to an iv and monitored. I slipped in and out of conscienceness. ”
“I woke up weak. I had no idea what was going on. I became more and more coherent. I realized i was in a diaper. The door opened!”
“Hello! I am dr. Miranda ! “She said. “She was tall. She had long legs. She wore a lab coat and a white shirt and black skirt and dress shoes. She was very prety. She had long hair. I was not a lesbian but at this ocasion i found her atractive. I chawked it up to my condition. ”
“You were in and out of consciecousness for three days. You had a rare respiratory virus. It is serious but can be treated. Luckily we got at it in time. We expect that you will make a full recovery. It will take a couple of weeks. I want to keep you hear for observation. ”
“I started to feel better. I would need rehabilitation. I was on a fast road to recovery. I was glad of that. I was looking foward to returning to work. ”
“The doctor did check up on me rotinly. She was pleased with my improvement. She told me that she was going to discharge me and i would go to a rehab center.”
“I did something i would not usually do. I kissed her. She was schocked. She moved away. I moved in. I kissed her again.this time she joined in. She grabed my goan and pulled it off!”
“I then opened her shirt. I pulled off her bra. I sucked on her brest. She loved it. She then went for my boobs. I love her sucking my tits. ”
“I was so sad when i was transfered to the rehab center. I misshed dr. Miranda. Then i saw her!”
“What are you doing hear?”i asked .”i have privileges hear!”she said. “Yes you do!”i answered. I leen in and kissed her. I was not sure i wanted to get well. “