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” So i sold myself into slavery? Desperate times call for desperate mesures! After clearing the pysichilogical and medical evaluation ,i signed my life away literally. ”
“I was given a electric brand wich indicated that i was now ligaly a slave. I was given a week to get my afairs in order. I was nervous about this. I got more nervous as the day got closer. ”
“I did not get much sleep the night before. I did not want to change my mind,not that i could at this point. I was concerned by all this. ”
“The next day i got ready,i showered,i got dresed and then reported to a slave transport buss. They put me in shacles. That was when it was real. I sat down to a female slave. She seemed sad. I gathered that she was not hear wilingly. Probably a reposeson.”
“The buss sped off. The slave processing center and auction was an hour away. Time seemed to stop. Finally the buss arived!”
“We got off of the buss. We were taken to a building that looked like a wharehouse. We were cramed in there like sardines. Our shackles were removed and we were ordered to strip. ”
“I hated this part. I had better get use to it. The thought of being naked in front of orthers horified me. I knew i had better get used to it. ”
“I removed my t shirt. I pulled it up to my head and took it totally off. I then unziped my paints and pulled them down to my feet. I then removed my underware. ”
“We were taken to a process area. All of our datta was entered into the central slave data base. Then we were placed in cages. I was in a cage alone. ”
“I could see the orther slaves.all naked like me. There were men and women. Some seamed stoic,some sad,some scared and every thing in between. ”
“I stayed there the night. The next day i was taken out of the cage. I was given a shower and then left the shower area! ”
  “I was put in a group of ten that would be used in this auction. I was the third in line. Finally it was my turn. ”
“I slowly walked up the scaffold.i made it to the pedistal. The bidding began. Before i knew it i was sold. The yellow brand on my arm was changed to red. I was taken to a exit area. ”
“The representitives of my new masters arived and a collar was put on my neck. I was given a gray svrub like uniform. I was taken to his buss”
“I was driven to the esate. There i was taken and told to strip. I laid on the bed. I laid on my stomich. I was given a brand. It stung but was not painfull.”
“Then i was taken to my qurters. I was in a room with orther slaves. I was asigned to working outside. The oversears were strict but resonable. I was not afraid of hard work. I did not brother them and they did not brother me. ”
“After my work was done,i returned to my room. One of the oversears told me to come with him. I did so”
“I was taken to see the master. I was left inside alone. He was middle aged. He pulled off my white pants. I did not ware underware. He touched my penus. He sucked it. I was not gay. I knew i had to comply. It was not so bad. I knew this would be a common event. I was right!”