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  Sense slavery was reinsated,many people found themselves sold off . Some had even been rich or powerful. Many believed that they were untochible.
I was a mid level manager at a very prophible company. I had just got a raise and a permotion. I thought i was fine.
The next thing i knew the owner of the company in a druken stupor gambled the company away. The new owner restructered the company and i found myself out of a job. I had trouble finding another. The job market was not great.
Without a job i was unable to pay my morgage. The house was forclosed and i had to sell my car. Even with all of that i was hevily in debt. I seam to only have one recourse. Sell myself into slavery.
I did not like the idea but i did not seam to have any other alternative at the moment. I went to the office of slave afairs. I filled out the paper work. I was given a week to think it over. At the end of the week if i signed away my rights,there would be no going back. They wanted me to be absolutely sure. I wanted to be as well.
After a week of intense sole searching i decided to go though with it. I informed the advisor.first i had to undergo a psychilogical evaluation . I was ruled to be sane. They were convinced that i was of sound mind and judgement. I had cleared that hurdle.
Next i had to have a medical examation. I wore a black t shirt jeens and sandles. I was going to have to get used to striping and being naked in front of others. Slaves got almost no privicy. I took off my cloths and put on the hospital goan. I am cleared medicaly to be a slave.
It is due or die time. I was told that if i signed now there would be no going back. I took a deep breath and signed my life away literally. There was no going back.
To be continued.