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Katie went to bed prety early the previous night. Her sister julie went to bed late. Katie got a good night sleep.
She slept in a t shirt and panty. She set her alarm for 7:00 Am. She came down the stairs. Her sisters megen and julie were already up.
“I am going to jump in the shower !” Katie said. They said ok. She went to the bathroom.she pulled off her pink t shirt. She then pulled off her panty.she went into the shower. She tried to just focus on being in the shower. She refused to think about what was going to happen.
She savored those few minutes she had. She begrudgingly shut off the watter. She took a towel and dried her off. She went to her room.
She removed the towel. She put on a pink panty. It was her favorite pair of underware. She put on a bra. She then put on a half slip. She put on a black skirt and white shirt. She put on flip flop. She went down stairs.
“It is close to time!” Megan said. They took one look around. They all huged. They were instructed to leave the key inside the house. They were not to lock the door. Megen wore a tank top and pazama botoms and flip flops. Megan wore a t shirt,shorts and sandles. They held hands as they got into the car. They drove off.
The town police patroled the area to make sure that the Wilson family complied with order. If they did not report before the dead line, there would be the worlds most wanted fugitives. They would be captured very quickly. No one would help them. If they did help the fugitives,they would suffer the same fate.
  A hundred years erlier,terrorist rebeled and developed deadly bio wepons. They seized power and imposed strict laws including population laws. Low skilled people were put to death to make room for more worthy people.
The result was people got more educated. Every job banefited society. Instead of celebrating and declaring Vicrory and eliminating the irational population control logs,this made the areopopigous members angery. They adopted a more arbitrary syistom. People had to submit to a lotery. It was rare but all three were told to report to a processing facility.
Katie was a brain surgen. Megan was a scientist who almost singlehandily modernized obital setilite technology. Julie was a computor techician. All three were past recepients of the presidential award for good citizenship and other recognition.that did not mater.
They drove to a processing center outside the citty. They drove to the front gate. They were instructed to leave all personal posesions in the car.the only thing they could have was there id. No hair clips nothng.not even there shoes. They parked.
They took off there shoes. They went to the front dask. They showed the id and orders to report. They were taken to a room where there hand was painted with red. They were sent to a waiting room.
The room was filed with women.they had all been condemed to death. Some were stoic.some cried. Some were holding each other.  The group was seperated into smaler groups.
The three sisters were taken to a secondary processing center. They were then escorted to an iner area. The lead gaurd was a young women who wore a black police uniform like dress.
She ordered the condemed to strip naked. Katie hated being naked in front of anyone. She avoided it at all coast. She did not have that option this time.she decided not to fight it.
She pulled off her top. She then took off her black skirt. It felt like every one was staring at her.she found it quite ackward. She took off her slip. Then her bra and panty. Were her sisters leering at her.
She had not seen her sisters naked in some time. She found herself geting horny. All of these naked women. She fought it.
They were given diapers and hospital gowans. There hair was shaved.  They were taken into a wating room. Katie was number ten.
It was her turn. The bed had not been sterilized. It was wet from the fluids of the previous patcients. She got on the bed. Her hands and feet were straped in. She was given a blanket.
The bed was comfortible. She was given a sleep aid. She began to slowly slip away. She pied and then died.
Her remains were creamated.her ashes were spread outside the conpound. There house was sold as were there posesions.