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I was a lawer. I was a ligal aid lawer. I went to a project to get new clients. While returning to my car,i saw that my car was gone.
This was the first time this had happen. This was a poor neighborhood. While my car was used ,it was five years old when i baught it,i kept it mantained well. It would be a fine car or it would get a good price on the black market or on the regular market.
I asked if anyone saw what happened to my car. No one did. Well at least they said they did not. This neighborhood was known for not seing or hearing anything when crimes occured.


I did not look like a lawer. I wore a black tshirt and jeens. You learned not to dress like a lawer. The better dresed you were,the biger a target you became.
I took out my cell phone and called a friend. All of a suden i fell something hitting me.i fell to the ground.
I woke up in a jail cell. I demanded to be let out. Finally a gaurd came with my food. I was barefoot but stil waring what i wore when i was at the projects.
“Finally your awake!”the gaurd said.  I figured i was charged with vegrentcy. Best case i explain who i am,my superiors verify my story. I am home free.no harm no fowel.
Bad case,i have to pay a fine. First ofense it is no big deal. Even on what i live on i could handle it.
“So! What am i charged with?”i asked. “Rape?”the gaurd said. “Oh crap!”i said. Rape was something you did not want to be charged with.
Conviction of rape was punisible by castration. Almost no one was found not guilty of rape. Rape was hard to prove and prosicutors did not like to charge people with rape because it standereds for proof were high. If i was charged,they were sure i was guilty.
The trial went on for a mounth. I did not remember anything between my being knocked out and waking up in the cell. I would believe i was guilty if i did not know better. Then i wounder did i know for sure i am inocent.
I had to stand up. The jury forman read the verdict . I was found guilty . Oh no! I thought . I was formerly sentenced to be castrated.
I was taken to the hospital prison ward. A nurse came in. She told me to remove my pants and unserware. She took my mesurement with it unstimulated.
She let me touch her boobs. She opened her nurse dress. My thing got big. She mesured that. She figured out where to cut. She then left.
I was so nervous. I did not want to lose my thing. A doctor came in. ” Ok! You have a half an hour before you will be taken to surgery ! “The doctor said.
I was told that i could mastubate one more time. I tried but it was a no go.
I was taken and put in a gowan. They preped me for surgery. I was given anenesthia. I was awake. I saw them start to remove my penus. I cried.
I saw the after result. There was a lot of blood. They then created a place for me to pee. I fell asleep.
I woke up in pain. I was in pain for days. Mu hands and feet were in restraints. I was diapered.
I had to be in a wheal chair at first. I gradualy learned to walk again. I tried to repoty train. I tried to ware real undrrware. After leaking i went back to diapers.
I finally was able to walk. I did so with a limp. Later new evidence was brought in. I was freed. I was sent to a nursing home. The government agried to pay for it if i did not sue. I hoped to be able to go home at some point.