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“I’m katie. I had a great job ans a bright future . One night as i was driving home from a late night at the office. As i was driving a drunk driver hit me from behind.
They had to use the jaws of life to pull me out of the car. My perents were told that i might not wake up. I was in a coma for a few mouths. I was put in a long term care ficility.
When i woke up i felt grogy at first . I screamed. The nurse named julie tried to calm me down. “Katie! Your ok!”she said.
” Where am i? “I asked. “Your in the gleason long term care facility !” She said. “What happened? ” i asked.
“You were badly injured in a car acident! ” She said. ” why cant i move?”he asked. “You were badly injured as i said. You lost your mobility. “She said.
“Will i be able to walk again ?”she asked. ” now that your awake,we can begin physical therapy. I can’t promise much but i will try! “She said.
“Look lets see if you need a change !” Julie said.”what are you talking about !”i asked frantically .
“The car acident left you incontinent! ” she said. “Am i waring a diaper?”i asked. “Yes. I change You as needed!”she said. ” you have seen me naked?”i asked . “Many times. I am a nurse! Your not emberished are you?” She asked. “A little !”i said.”we are old friends . At least as far as i am concerned. ” Julie said.
“Ok!”i said. She pulled up my hospital gowan and she checked my diaper. “It is right full!”she said. I could not feel it. She washed my genital area . I felt really weird. I was a bit humiliated.
” You have washed me a lot?”i asked. ” yes i have. I am primerily in charge of your case! “She said.
She gave me a fresh diaper. I did not like the thought of being changed and clothed and bathed by someone else.
I woundered did she enjoy changing me? What if she was a lesbian or a some medical fetichist.
I was very concerned. What if she had raped me while i was in a coma. I decided to stop jumping to conclusions.
I was very sad. She held me. She was prety. I was not a lesbian but she was atractive.
“Its unfair you get to undress me bathe me. I never get to see you naked!”i said. “Do you want me to see me naked ?”she asked.
“Yes i do!”i said .she decided it was only fair. She pulled off her scrubs and i saw her bra. She pulled off botom. Then her bra and panties.
One day i asked her to cudle with me. We did it often. One day we kissed. Though i could not feel it i enjoyed being with her. I never wanted to revover. I always wanted her to be my nurse.