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I was under a mandate to report to a prison surender zone. I put on a green t shirt,jeens and sandles. I arived. I saw other surendes. There were men and women.
I had to regester. Although shakles were used at arest. At processing ,they tried not to use restraints unless they had to. We had to remove all footwhere. The footwhere was put into a pile and burned.
We borded the buss. I sat next to a young women. She was cute.she wore a white shirt and jeens and was barefoot. While i should be concerned sense despite her prety face she could be a hardenedd criminal ,these stations were for non violent ofenders.
My seat mate seamed uncomfortable . She was skirming. He suspected that she needed to pee. He was fine. It was a two hour trip to the prison.
  There was an in buss movie. It was little mermaid. When we arived,some were asleep .some chated. It seamed more like a tour buss then a prison transport.
The buss parked in a gerage. We were all asked to leave. Many needed to pee. I woundered if that was part of the plan. If every one had to pee they would be distracred from trying anything.
We were taken to a room.we were told that there were no bathrooms in the inmate areas. Inmate canot use the bathroom . Incontinence is part of the punishment. When you are convicted,continence is something you loose.
They said you canot remove your cloths until the nurse does. You must soil yourself. You must stay in your soiled cloth until changing time. This is what we call unpoty traning.
I was horified. As a child i feared bed weting. The thought that i would have to pee my paints was downright revolting.
  We were free to move around the prison. We could drink whatever we wanted to. We were encourage to.
I saw several orther inmates had sircombed to the bodily need. I saw a female inmate who tried to cover up the pee stain on her jeens.
I started to need to pee. I tried but it just was not coming out. I started to skirm. While i laid down on my bunk,it came out. It started slow then gushed. It did not stop.
I was in my soiled cloths for three houers. I felt so weird. I pied more. Finally we were alowed to go to be changed. It took a while for it to be my turn.
I was told to get on the changing table. I did so. The nurse removed the jeens.i felt volated.
She pulled of my shirt and underware. She gave me a spunge bath.
I was then given a hospital scrubs and a diaper. I was told i could ware some or all. I decided to put on the shirt but no pants.
Many wore just pants or shirts. Some naked. Peing was not bad. I got use to it. Even looked fowatd to it. The first time i pooped i felt so awfull. Dirty.
I was determined not to be diapered. I changed my mind after my first poop. I wore a diaper after that.