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“I was in colege. I was on break.sense my family lived on the orther side of the country and we got another break coming up in a few weeks, it made no sense to go home this vacation but i did not want to stay on campus during break.”
“Anabeth my roomate invited me to go to her house. I decided to. Anabeth was shy ans qiet. She was a bit homesick. She was glad to be going home”
“We have arived at the house. It was a couple houers drive. We parked. We went inside. ”
“Her older sisters were there. Her mom was there. Her mom gave her a big hug. So did her sisters. They huged me. It was a bit odd but it was ok i gues.”
“You seam stresed!”the mom said. “College is tougher then i thought ! “She said.the mom huged her.
“They seamed to love physical contact. It was a bit much. I gues i could get used to it.”
“Do you want some milk?”her mom asked. “Ok this was getting really weird! “I thought.
They went over to the couch. Her mom sat down.then anabeth sat on her lap. She opened her dress and pulled a boob out of her bra.
Annabeth started sucking on the boob. I was horified. They did not seam to realize that this was weird. They had no quams about doing it in public.
It seamed to calm her. She suckled for quite a while. Then her mom burped her. I  found it really strange.
Later i asked her about it. “It is no big deal! “She said. “Oh ok!”i said. I did not want to make a big deal out of it.
Apearently it was a family thing. Her two older sistera also brest fed. I gues it was not that weird but it was not normal. It made me a little uncomfortable.
Other then that the vacation was fairly uneventful. I enjoyed the week. It was nice to be back on campus.
One day anabeth was very stresed. The work load was very tough. She was not handiling it well.
I gave her a hug and held her.she asked me to let her brest feed. I was a little weirded out but i decided to let her.
My sweter was not brest feed friendly so i just pulled it off. I pulled my brest out of the bra.she began to suck it. It felt weird at first. It felt good.
I asked her if i could suck on hers too. She pulled off her shirt and i latched on.
This was the beginning of an odd relationship. She made it though the year. The next year we were in different dorms. She kept coming to see me for comfort. I looked foward to it. The next year we moved in together off campus. I continued to help.