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I was going for a walk. It was ten at night. There were no street lights in this neighborhood. I was not woried. It was a smal town in the middle of no where. There were more caribou then people in this town.
It was a quick walk. This was not the first time. It had become quite a tradition. I enjoyed it even looked foward to it.
I heard some rustiling in the trees. I figgured it was a sqirl or something. I kept going. I walked right into a trap.
I walked and i felt someone jumping on me. She wore black.she held me down. Several of her goons also female helped holding me down.
They were all in shape. They were strong. I tried to fight back. I tried to get them off me but they overpowered me. I could not get away.
  They unziped my jeens. They pulled them partialy down. They pulled down my underware. They got my penus erect. They forced it inside me. I wanted them to stop. They would not.
They each took a turn with me. They left. I was exchasted. I was found by a hyker.
The person called the police and ambulence. I was taken by life flight to a hospital.
I was given a rape kit. It was awful. I did not get a good look at any of them. 
  As it turns it turned out three of them got pregnant by me. Apearently that was there plan. They were a gang that raped men in order to get pregnant. I did not tell anyone outside the police. I moved away from thw area. I told no one what happened. Not even my wife who i met mater. We have two kids. Somewhere i have kids out there.