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21 Year old Katie had stolen candy from a convenient store. While reviewing the flim the shift manager catches in and calls the cops.
Katie was stil living at home. She was stil up. She was waring a black tank top and blue shorts. The cops showed up at 8:30 at night. Her mom answered the door.
“IS katie home!”the officer asked. “Yes!”she said. Thr cop took her arms and placed them behind her back.
Her mom tried to stop it. She was placed into cufs and taken into custody as well. They were taken to the police car. They were driven to lock up.
They were taken to intake. There restraint were removed. ” Take off your cloths ” a female gaurd incisted.
Katie’s mon helped pull off the black tank top. Katie was horney at the thought of her mom helping her remove her cloths. She pulled off her shorts. She was in her bra and panties.she removed her underware.
Her mom took off her white top. Then she pulled down her tan paints. Then she took off her brs and painty.
The two were given an exam. They were checked for drugs. Then they were put in orange jump suits and brought to a holding cell.
” What’s going on?”her mom asked. ” Ok i stole a candy bar !”she said. “Look they take a tough stance on theft! Now you have me caught up in this!”she said. She put her arm around her mom. “I’m sory!” She said.
They had to stay the night. There was only one cot so they stayed in one bed. It was very cold. There were no blankets. They cuddled.
Her mom found it strange bahavior. Mayby it was just hear. She dismised it. The next day they were goten out of bed.
They were alowed to shower and got dresed. They were taken to the courtroom. Before the court began they were taken into a room to meat with the proscicutor.
“For you i am ofering you plead guilty you pay a fine and for a mounth you have to spend saterdays with a sign saying that you stole from the store. You are bared from that store for life!” The d.a said.
It seamed harsh but she just wanted this over. “Alright !”she said.
“YOU you asulted a police officer and you interfeared in the excecution of his dutties. You then resisted arest. You plead guilty to resisting arest. You serve a mounth in prison. You wil be on probation for two years!”he said.
“This is unfair! I overreacted. This is my daughter!”she said. “You need to control your actions or they will become your undoing. If you don’t plea,i will go for twenty years. ” The d.a said. “Alright !”she said.
They did not speak to eachother on the way to the court room. Katie got to go home. Mom went back to lockup.
A mounth went by. She went to the jail to pick her up mom. Her mom said little to her. They got home. They went inside.
“Look young lady you may be all set with the law but not with me!”She said. “I Can move out!”she ofered. “Your not getting off that easily! You will stay in your room when at not at work or sentence you will be confined there!” She said.
She made her strip naked right in the living room. She made her ware a orange t shirt. She hand cufed her to her bed. Her punishment was not over. Not by a long schot.