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Once a death row inmate is procesed,he is given a white brief then sent into death row.
Death row is a large room with beds. The room is sealed off from the rest of the prison. In emurgentcy a toxen can be relased that vaporizes anything organic.
Each bed has two inmates. There hands and feet are put into restraints.
A gourd puled open the newby tighte white and put a cathitor. They never left the bed until the day of the execution. The condemed got weak. There muscles atriphied. They usually got bed sore. They could not put up much of s fight before there sentence is caried out.
“You must get pretty bored?”he asked. “We can!”his cell mate said.
“Would you like to cuddle ?”he asked. “That not my thing!”he said. “It will be!”he said. He ignored him.
The time went still. He got so bored. Finally he moved over to his bed mate. He got near to him. He was softer then he expected.
He felt his penus up. They fell asleep in eachother’s arm. They woke up. A gaurd took off his brief. He got on top of him and sucked his dick. Then he gave him a new cathitor.
This was there life until it was time for them to be put to death. It was not much of a life.
They spent a lot if time cudiling. They liked seing eachother bathed by the gaurds.
Soon the time for there execution had come. They could not stand. They were put in wheal chairs. They were given diapers. Then they were placed on seperate tables. They were hooked up to the iv. It took a few seconds. Both died around the same time.
They were buried in the prison cemitary. More would join them soon.