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Kathy was an asistent district aterney. She had one of the highest prosicution rate in the country. Many believed she would go on to biger and better things. Some believe that the sky was the limit for her.
She was loved by conservitives. Cival liberties group disliked her.a canidate for district aterney canidated on fireing her if elected.
When the liberal canidate won. She tried to resign. In order to keep his campaign pledge he denied her request and fired her. He did every thing he could to humiliate her.
She could not get a job. She made little mony as a da. She stil owed student loans. She decided her only option was to sell herself into slavery.
She was told to ware one of her famous pant suits. She wore a black pants suit and panty horse.she arived before she was due to surender herself.
She had a lot of paper work to fill out. She had to give up every thing. She had to disclose every thing. She had to give medical history ,criminal,work history every thing. Then on the last page she had to sign a satement foever giving up all fredom. She did so.
She was told to strip naked.she pulled off the coat. Then she pulled down her paints. Then she removed the gray shirt off. Then she pulled off her panty horse. She unclasped her bra and panties.
She was put in a cage with five orther naked women . There were cages with naked man and women. A coller was put on her neck. She felt horney. She was not sure why. They were there for several houers before the auction.
Her hands belly and feet were put in shacles. Her turn came. Every one wanted her. She was sold to a young women.
Her master was a an airess to a big business and a huge plantation. After the paper work was completed, she was turned over to her.
On the car ride home, the mistress touched kathy leg. Kathy was uncomfortable with it.
When they got home mistress amber took kathy upstairs.
She took her to the bathroom. “Strip me naked!”she incisted. She pulled off her sweter first.then she took off her black dress. She took off her slip. Then she pulled off her painty horse.she was not gay. She was hot for her master. She pulled off her bra and panty.
Amber made her bath her. She washed her body. She loved touching her body especially her privates. Then she bathed kathy.
Kathy was asigned to sleep on the floor in kathy’s room. Her hands and feet were chained.
She was amber personal slave.kathy was her favorite. Kathy liked not having to make any decision. All she had to do was sit back and obey.
She never tried to esape. Sometimes she misbehaved just so she could get whiped. Other then that she was a modle slave.