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I was coming hone fron work. I forgot my pass. I was stoped at a check point. I looked for it but could not find it.
I tried to convince the gaurd i was a citizen. She did not believe me.
I was waring a black suit coat,pants and a tie. I looked like an executive witch i was. That was not enough.i was told to remove my sox and shoes. I was taken into the car.
I was escorted to the slave dentention center. I was taken to intake and told to strip naked.
I removed my coat. Then i pulled off my tie. Then i pulled off my shirt. I then pulled down my paints. Then the briefs. They inspected to see any signs of a brand. Though they found none,without a citizenship card i was fair game. They could do whatever they wanted me and i was out of luck.
I hoped that this would be cleared up. I was vp of finance for a major company perhaps someone would recognize me. Mayby my boss would file a mising person’s report and find me. I convinced myself this would all be over soon. It would be cleared up.
I was taken to detention. I was with other naked men and women. Some are the female slaves to be were quite atractive. In another time and place i might enjoy this.
I was sent to the auction. I was placed on a pedastal. I was looked over. It was like i was a peace of meat. I was sold for two thousand ryacks wich was not too bad.
I was sold to a holding compony that buys slaves then flips them. I was sold to a family that lived in another country.
I became the slave to an airess.she was 21. She made me be her personal servent. She was very spoiled. A few weeks ago,she would probably have worked for me. That had changed now.
She made me cudle with her at night. I did not mind.she was quite atractive but it was stil humiliating. During the day all i could ware was shorts. I just wanted to go home. I knew that was not hapening any time soon.