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Keri felt weird all day. She experienced weird stomick pains.she tried to ignore it. She to hide it from family and friends.finally she could not ignore it.
In the middle of the night she woke up in exscusiating pain. She continued to ware her white tank top and pazama botoms. She put on sandles and threw up a coat.
She probably should not have drove in her condition but she did anyway. She made it to the hospital.
She walked inside the hospital. She did not make it into the reception area. She colapsed.
She woke up in a hospital bed.she was in a hospital goan. She was a little humiliated. Someone must striped her out of cloths. She hoped it was a women who changed her.
She felt better. She taped the alarm. A nerse came in. “Am i ok?”she asked. “You have a respiratory virus. We have begun treatments. You are responding well. We think that you will be fine in a few days. “The nurse said.
She was glad to hear that. She was releved. She feared the worst. She just wanted to rest.
She woke up and saw a female patcient on top of her. It was her roomate. “Look i am realy not into girls! “She said.
She ignored her words. She pulled up my hospital gowan.she pulled down my painties. She was in schock. She was about to be lesbien raped in a hospital. This was awful.
She began to finger her pussey. She beged her to stop. She kept going. She started to react. It felt good.
The patcient went to leave. Keri told her to stop. She put her on the bed. She pulled up her gowan.she pulled down her paties. She licked her pussey. Then they cuddled.
Wendy rushed into her bed before the nurse came in. The nerse never suspected anything.
Keri kinda enjoyed the event.
She looked foward to seing her.she came every night. It was time for her to be discharged.that night they had one last encounter.
The next day she was let out of the hospital. She huged wendy.she went home and fantisized about the encounter.