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One day i had to pee so bad. I was driving in the middle of no where. I could stop but it was late at night. I heard the sound of animals. I decided not to atempt it.
I felt like i had one option. I could pee my paints. At first that was gross. I could not even believe i was considering this. I quickly dismised in. I atempted to hold in my pee.
For a while it worked. I was feeling prety good. Then i began to have the urge.
Finally i tried to pee. It was not hapening. I could not get it out. I was too traned. I relaxed myself. I gave myself permission to urinate.
Finally i felt a little urine.then it became a lot of urine. It gushed out. It felt so good. I kept peing.
I liked the feal of soiled paints.when i got home i changed. I found in that one event i lost all of my years of poty traning.
For a week i woke up having peed myself. I was so humiliated. I also kinda liked it.
I threw away my underware.i felr weird buying adult diapers but i did. Of course the cashir was a young kid. I decided to embrace my incontinance.
I put on the diaper. I wore a onesie. I loved the convenience of waring a diaper. I never intend to go back.